Best Mexican Restaurants - St. Louis - April 2024

Best Mexican Restaurants – St. Louis – April 2024

What are the best Mexican restaurants in the St. Louis region for April 2024?

ST. LOUIS, MO (STL.News): The St. Louis Restaurant Review has published a list of the Top Ten Mexican Restaurants in St. Louis, MO, as of April 2024.

Mexican cuisine is among the nation’s favorite cuisines.  Mexican restaurants consume commercial real estate that other restaurants can succeed in.  Why is that?  There is a demand for one, but most Mexican restaurants also have more families supporting the labor demand that a restaurant requires.

We don’t know anybody who doesn’t enjoy good Mexican food, so we have shared this list with you, with permission from St. Louis Restaurant Review.

The Best Mexican Restaurants in St. Louis, Missouri, for April 2024 are as follows:

  1. Arzola’s Fajitas + Margaritas – 2730 McNair Ave, Saint Louis, MO – Phone: 314-226-9672
  2. Chava’s Mexican Restaurant – 925 Geyer Ave, Saint Louis, MO – Phone: 314-241-5503
  3. Mission Taco Joint – Delmar Loop – 6235 Delmar Blvd, Saint Louis, MO – Phone: 314-932-5430
  4. Southwest Diner – 6803 Southwest Ave, Saint Louis, MO – Phone: 314-260-7244
  5. Mission Taco Joint – Historic Soulard – 908 Lafayette Ave, Saint Louis, MO – Phone: 314-858-8226
  6. Ruiz’ Mexican Restaurant – 901 N US Hwy 67, Florissant, Saint Louis, MO – Phone: 314-838-3500
  7. Rosalita’s Cantina – 1237 Washington Ave, Saint Louis, MO – Phone: 314-621-2700
  8. Taco Buddha – 7405 Pershing Ave, University City, Saint Louis, MO – Phone: 314-502-9951
  9. Mi Ranchito – 887 Kingsland Ave, Saint Louis, MO – Phone: 314-863-1880
  10. Tequila Mexican Restaurant – 5496 Baumgartner Rd Ste 119, Saint Louis, MO – Phone: 314-416-1945

In outlining communities, some of the Best Mexican Restaurants are:


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