Thai Kitchen - St. Louis, MO
Image provided by It is a Thai cuisine image that is licensed to STL.News, LLC.

Thai Kitchen has four locations across the St. Louis region, providing award-winning authentic Thai cuisines backed by high online customer reviews.

Thai Kitchen offers four locations that the founder owns.  She is onsite at one of the locations daily, ensuring that they meet or generally exceeding customer expectations.

Their online customer reviews are impressive across all review site platforms, including Yelp.  If you can get a high rating on Yelp, you know you are doing something right.

Considering their local presence and online reviews, we will be expanding our coverage of this unique locally owned family restaurant business that is attracting customers from across the region.

Each location is owned by a separate entity controlled by the founder, except the Florissant location.  The founder sold it to her brother, but they operate all locations consistently across the board.

The operation is impressive, the online reviews are impressive, and the dedication to providing top-rated cuisines and service has the highest standards we have witnessed.  In addition, the family and staff are friendly and hard-working people trying to make a difference, and based on their online reviews; it appears they are making a difference in the lives of their customers.

The Thai Kitchen locations in the St. Louis region are:

  1. Thai Kitchen – Florissant
  2. Thai Kitchen – Maryland Heights (not affiliated with the other four)
  3. Thai Kitchen – O’Fallon
  4. Thai Kitchen – St. Charles
  5. Thai Kitchen – Wentzville

All four locations offer:

  1. Dine-in
  2. Take-away
  3. Delivery
  4. Online Ordering
  5. A clean, safe and friendly family atmosphere