Thai Mama - Maryland Heights, MO

Thai Mama

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Thai Mama is a Thai restaurant in Maryland Heights owned by Sasimonthon Ongartsutthikul, owner of the popular Thai Kitchen chain.

Our first question was, “Why use a new name?

The Thai Kitchen chain was started in 1999 by Sasimonthon Ongartsutthikul, who sold it to an unrelated individual to start other locations.  It remains in business today, so to avoid confusing the public, we needed to use a new name, and that name is Thai Mama.

Thai Mama will have the same great Thai Kitchen menu and service that has made the family-owned restaurant chain so popular, illustrated by their high online reviews.

She is returning to Maryland Heights because she lives in the community, misses the short distance to her restaurant, and feels it is time to offer an alternative.

She will manage this location herself and likely be in the restaurant daily to train staff and ensure customer satisfaction.  The best thing for her is that it is a 4-minute drive with no traffic.  “I’m happy!”

She has been remodeling this location for two months.  It will have a unique but straightforward atmosphere as the dining tables have come from local homes that have fed their families; now, the tables will feed our customers and their families.

This new Thai restaurant is slated to open in February 2024.  It is in the final phase of preparing for the final inspections.

She has also opened Sasi Wholesale and Sasi Thai Market inside the same strip center, selling Thai food wholesale and retail.

Thai Mama’s address & phone:

1932 McKelvey Rd
Maryland Heights, Missouri 63043
Phone: +1 314-548-6151