Thai Kitchen inside The Hill Food Co. on Hampton Avenue

The Hill Food Co.

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The Hill Food Co. is located on Hampton Avenue in St. Louis, MO  They will feature up to 25 restaurants/kitchens for pickup or delivery only.

The Hill Food Co. offers online ordering from up to 25 kitchens in one location.  It rents kitchens to food providers that offer online ordering for pickup or delivery only.  There is no space for dine-in, nor is that their concept.

It creates an easy process for startups or existing restaurants, allowing them to expand with minimal staffing or overhead.

The Hill Food Co. is operated by Cloudkitchen and has approximately 70 locations that have proven this concept to work successfully.

Thai Kitchen was the first restaurant to open within the facility and the first to receive an online order.

The Hill Food Co. currently has partnered with the following restaurants:

  1. Bandana’s Bar-B-Q Express
  2. Bougie Bites STL
  3. De Palm Tree
  4. Jose’ Penos Express
  5. STL Indian Kitchen
  6. St. Louis Gyros Express
  7. Tenderlicious
  8. Thai Kitchen
  9. Tikka Tangy
  10. The Req Room

Address and website:

2360 Hampton Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63139
Phone: No Phone – Order Online Only