St. Louis Restaurant Review

St. Louis Restaurant Review

St. Louis Restaurant Review publishes reviews and news about restaurants in the St. Louis region.

St. Louis Restaurant Review is a media company managed by WebTech Group, which is a technology company.  It was created and launched in 2014, publishing restaurant reviews about locally-owned restaurants, which helps them be found and discovered by the community.

Later, St. Louis Restaurant Review began publishing news and press releases to assist small restaurant owners as well.  Then, to add additional content to the website and to generate revenue, online menus were created called eOrderSTL, which is an online ordering system with marketing features built in so restaurants have an alternative to online ordering and delivery to the major online ordering platforms, which take as much as 30% commission in addition to credit card processing fees.

eOderSTL has become a big hit with successful locally-owned restaurants, knowing they have local support with less commission but still can provide reliable delivery.

They do not allow any restaurant to join the review site.  They qualify the restaurants based on their online customer reviews.

The best feature for qualified restaurants is that they are given the best marketing to generate traffic to their online ordering system.  They will deliver new customers to the restaurant, not just regain old customers’ attention.  They do this by managing the restaurant’s online directories, like Google My Business, Yelp, and up to 65 other online directories necessary for the restaurants to be found by the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  They do what the local restaurant owners do not know how to do from a digital technology perspective.

After two years of managing the platform and gaining the restaurant owners’ trust, St. Louis Restaurant Review can proudly release that their annual sales exceed $2 million annually, saving the participants hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions without sacrificing service.

CLICK to view a list of the participating restaurants that have been receiving orders online.

After the local success and not wanting to be restricted by the name St. Louis Restaurant Review, the management decided to launch to service restaurants nationwide with the same platforms and marketing concepts, helping them compete and increase their customer base. is increasingly more active in publishing blog posts and will begin publishing restaurant reviews nationwide to stimulate website traffic.  Additionally, restaurants participating in eOderSTL will get coverage on to expand their digital presence.  CLICK to view the restaurants included on

Working together, the two platforms have an excellent opportunity to increase their online presence, benefiting their participants and success in providing reliable online orders and delivery.

The biggest benefit to these two platforms is that you are not competing for the attention of consumers, which has corrupted the major players as they use small restaurants’ customer emails to benefit their competition, like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Walgreens, and more.

It has always baffled us why restaurants buy the major online ordering systems platforms because they intentionally do not benefit the small restaurants.  They use the small restaurants’ data to attract major advertisers to earn more money while at the same time telling small restaurants that they promote them.  It’s a lie that doesn’t even work for the major players because they have yet to prove to their shareholders that they can make money.