Exterior Experience Launches YouTube Channel

Exterior Experience Launches YouTube Channel

Exterior Experience launches a YouTube channel to educate and promote their fence and deck contracting business.

ST. LOUIS, MO (STL.News) Exterior Experience has launched a YouTube channel to educate and promote its privacy fence and deck contracting business.  They offer their services to the St. Louis Metropolitan region.

Recently, they purchased a sawmill to mill their lumber after becoming increasingly frustrated with bad lumber at expensive prices provided by the big box stores.  The quality of the fence rests on the quality of the lumber and the skill used to construct the project.

Their customers can’t see the sawmill, but by using videos, they can see the mill and the amount of effort used to create quality material, enhancing the quality of their fence or deck projects.

Exterior Experience Google Ratings are 4.9 Stars, which is excellent.  They used to have all 5-star ratings until Brett Lowder published a 2-star rating, but the problem is that they never worked for him in any capacity.  He is confused about who did his work, or he is helping competitors by giving a bad review.  Either way, they respectfully request that the negative review be removed or provide proof that they provided services.

They aim to satisfy every customer by providing the best services and using the best materials.  Owning a sawmill helps them achieve this goal.  It also separates them from the other fence and deck contractors because, to our knowledge, they are the only contractors who also operate a sawmill in the St. Louis region.

They also offer their custom-cut rough-sawn cedar competitively to DIY residents and contractors.

They offer no-hassle estimates, and satisfaction is guaranteed.  Contact them using the following information:

3407 South Jefferson Avenue, #168
St. Louis, Missouri 63118
Phone: +1 314-828-0259

YouTube video


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