Thai Kitchen - O'Fallon Sunday Brunch Buffet Menu - July 23, 2023

Thai Kitchen – O’Fallon Sunday Brunch Buffet Menu – July 23, 2023

Thai Kitchen – O’Fallon has released the menu for its Sunday Brunch Buffet for July 23, 2023.

O’FALLON, MO (STL.News) Thai Kitchen – O’Fallon released a post on its website announcing the menu for this upcoming Sunday Brunch Buffet, July 23, 2023.

Thai Kitchen is an award-winning Thai restaurant that has been serving authentic Thai cuisine to the St. Louis region for more than twenty years.  It is a family-owned chain that has four locations, with two more to open before the end of 2023.

Sasimonthon Ongartsutthikul is the founder and owner of four locations, and the two new locations are opening before the end of this year.  Ongartsutthikul created the existing Maryland Heights location, but she sold it several years ago and has denounced any affiliation with that location.

The new location in Maryland Heights will operate under a different name to prevent confusion, but it will have the same menu and standards known in the other locations owned by Ongartsutthikul.

The two new Thai Kitchen locations are:

  • St. Louis, MO, on Hampton Avenue – Opening July 2023
  • 1932 McKelvey Road, Maryland Heights, Missouri – Opening Fall 2023

The menu for the Sunday Brunch Buffet, July 23, 2023, is as follows:

  • Bacon
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Massaman Chicken
  • Spicy Basil Chicken
  • Pad Thai – our biggest-selling item!
  • Pad Mee
  • Grilled Pork
  • Sticky Rice
  • Fried Eggs
  • Pork Jerky
  • Thai Kitchen Chicken
  • BBQ Pork Fried Rice
  • Wonton Soup
  • Papaya Salad
  • Nam Prink Ong – North Style Hot Sauce
  • Thai Tea
  • Thai Coffee
  • Mai Thai Drink

Address, phone, and email:

8632 Mexico Road
O’Fallon, Missouri 63366
Phone: +1 636-281-2389


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