Georgia Governor Extends Gas Tax Suspension

Georgia Governor Extends Gas Tax Suspension

Georgia Governor Kemp Extends Gas Tax Suspension Until November 11, 2023

Atlanta, GA (STL.News) Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp recently announced he has signed an executive order extending a State of Emergency as a result of ongoing high inflation and uncertain economic conditions caused by the irresponsible policies coming out of Washington, D.C.  This renewal continues the suspension of the state’s excise tax on motor and locomotive fuel.  As a result of the executive order, the State of Emergency – and therefore the gas tax suspension – will remain in effect until 11:59 p.m. on November 11, 2023.  You can read Executive Order extending the State of Emergency allowing for this suspension here.

“We’re taking action at the state level to deliver relief to hardworking Georgians fighting through Bidenflation, soaring interest rates, and sky-high prices due to Bidenomics,” said Governor Brian Kemp.  “Our state’s average gas price is now roughly 40 cents less than it was last month.  With our partners in the General Assembly, we’ll keep working to put money back in the pockets of Georgia families.”

“I support the Governor’s decision to provide financial relief to Georgians while the White House and Congress continue to fall short of providing solutions during uncertain economic times,” said Lt. Governor Burt Jones.  “I’m proud that here in Georgia, we have a record of always putting hardworking families first.”

“Governor Kemp’s proactive leadership is protecting our economy and providing relief to hardworking Georgians and their families,” said Speaker Jon Burns.  “While Washington does nothing, Georgia will continue to protect residents and visitors alike from crippling pain at the pump.’’

Thanks to the hard work and conservative budgeting of Governor Kemp and the General Assembly, the State of Georgia can confidently suspend the collection of the state motor fuel tax to help lessen the burden of historically high gas prices.  According to AAA, the average cost of a gallon of regular gas in Georgia is currently $3.18, one of the lowest in the country.

SOURCE: Georgia Governor


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