Sasi Wholesale Introduces Cooking Oil Service

Sasi Wholesale Introduces Cooking Oil Service

Sasi Wholesale Introduces Cooking Oil Service to the St. Louis region.

ST. LOUIS, MO (STL.News) Sasi Wholesale has announced a new cooking oil service whereby they visit your restaurant, pump out the used cooking oil and remove it from the facility, clean the fryer (s), and then add back our proprietary fry oil that is designed to cook fried foods faster at lower temperatures.

Benefits of using Sasi Cooking Oil Service:

  • Reducing your fry oil purchases by up to 50% contributes actual bottom-line savings, meaning more profit.
  • Environmentally friendly service.
  • Increases food quality and consistency.

Maintaining stable quality cooking oil is critical to customer satisfaction.  Old oil damages the food, while new oil is expensive.  We can help solve these issues with our proprietary cooking oil strategy.

Sasi Wholesale offers a free used cooking oil drop-off facility at Sasi Thai Market, 1924 McKelvey Rd, Maryland Heights, MO.

We accumulate used cooking oil, filter it, and prepare to drop it at a biodiesel plant, sell it on the commodities exchange, or reuse it.

About Sasi Wholesale and Sasi Thai Market

Sasimonthon Ongartfutthikul owns Sasi Wholesale and Sasi Thai Market.  Ongartsutthikul also owns Thai Kitchen and Thai Mama in Maryland Heights, Missouri.

Thai Kitchen has locations in Florissant, O’Fallon, St. Charles, St. Louis, and Wentzville, MO.  Thai Mama has one location in Maryland Heights.  The existing Thai Kitchen in Maryland Heights is NOT affiliated wth Ongartsutthikul locations.

All locations are blessed with high online customer reviews.


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