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These Hot Spots Offer Great Coffee & Smoking Fast Wi-Fi – Best Internet Cafes

ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) — When my Internet service was disrupted last week, I thought my day would be ruined!  How could I possibly get anything done without it?  Fortunately, the St. Louis area is rich with Wi-Fi hotspots and Internet cafés!  So I wanted to know where I would get the best blend of superfast Wi-Fi and great food in a pleasant atmosphere.  As usual, I turned to our user reviews.

Since free Wi-Fi is available in so many places, from cafés to laundromats to dental offices, I had to set some parameters for my search.  First, I limited the search to cafés.  By definition, that meant relatively small places that serve light meals and drinks, especially coffee.  I narrowed my search further, by including only independently owned cafés. (Sorry Starbucks lovers!)

Using these parameters, what I found was a rich variety of Internet cafés.  As you can see, all of the top 10 have ratings of 4.5-stars.  That being the case, those ten are ranked by the number of ratings each has received.  After all, maintaining a high score over a larger pool of reviews should mean customers can count on the quality being fairly consistent.

Topping the list was The Mud House Coffee & Kitchen in south St. Louis’ Benton Park neighborhood.  They offer the coffee drinks you’d expect, and some unexpected combinations like the Lavender Latte and alternative milk choices including almond, hemp, and soy.  There have a nice selection of specialty teas, and a casual but sophisticated breakfast-brunch-lunch menu.  That’s because owners Casey and Jeremy Miller tapped Chef Chris Bork to create an above par coffeehouse menu.  They offer fabulous egg sandwiches done a variety of ways, French toast with apple compote & spiced mascarpone, soups, salads, and sandwiches that are a cut above.  The menu features produce from the Mud House’s own garden.  There are also vegan and gluten free options.  As if that wasn’t enough the Mud House is in a beautifully restored brick storefront with outdoor seating in a lovely, historic setting.

Here are the top 10 Internet cafés in the St. Louis area:

1. The Mud House Coffee & Kitchen, 2101 Cherokee Street, St. Louis in the Benton Park neighborhood (314) 776-6599, (623 reviews, 4.5-stars)

2. Russell’s on Macklind, 5400 Murdoch Ave., St. Louis in SoHa, (314) 553-9994 (283 reviews, 4.5-stars)

3. Sweet Art, 2203 South 39th Street, St. Louis in the Shaw neighborhood, (314) 474-0604, (246 reviews, 4.5-stars)

4. Comet Coffee & Microbakery, 5708 Oakland Ave., St. Louis in Cheltenham, (314) 932-7770 (193 reviews, 4.5-stars)

5. Foundation Grounds, 7298 Manchester Road, Maplewood (Downtown), (314) 833-6460 (168 reviews, 4.5-stars)

6. Sump Coffee, 3700 South Jefferson Ave., St. Louis in the Marine Villa neighborhood, (917) 412-5670 (177 reviews, 4.5-stars)

7. 2Schae Café, 275 Union Blvd., St. Louis in the DeBaliviere Place neighborhood. (314) 361-5333 (131 Reviews, 4.5-stars)

8. RISE Coffee House, 4180 Manchester Ave., St. Louis in Forest Park Southeast, (314) 769-9535, (111 reviews, 4.5-stars)

9. Café Nova, 5611 South Kingshighway, St. Louis in south city’s Princeton Heights neighborhood, (314) 351-7443 (96 reviews, 4.5-stars)

10. Kitchen House Coffee, 3149 Shenandoah Ave., St. Louis in Tower Grove East, (314) 732-0009, (40 reviews, 4.5-stars)

Since there are a couple of terrific locally-owned café chains that are also highly rated by customers, and too good to ignore.  So here are the Honorable Mentions among the chains:

1. Park Avenue Coffee has four locations, Downtown STL, Central West End (Cortex Innovation District), the Hill, and the original in Lafayette Square.  All four offer the full variety of Park Avenue labeled coffees, as well as their signature gooey butter cake varieties.  Each location has a different feel, but the same great coffee, friendly service and free Wi-Fi!

2. Kaldi’s Coffee, Kayak’s by Kaldi would have made the initial top 10 had it not been part of a chain.  This unique café is at 270 N Skinker Blvd., St. Louis in the Skinker/DeBaliviere Parkview neighborhood near Washington University, (314) 862-4447. The once-independent shop was bought by Kaldi’s Coffee in 2010.  Their specialty: tabletop s’mores. Nuff said.