Texas AG settles with Walmart Over Opioid Crisis

Texas AG settles with Walmart Over Opioid Crisis

Texas Office of the Attor­ney Gen­er­al Reach­es $168 Mil­lion Set­tle­ment With Wal­mart Over Company’s Role in Nation­al Opi­oid Cri­sis and Encour­ages Local Areas to Sign On to Receive Funds.

(STL.News) The Office of the Attorney General of Texas (“OAG”) finalized a settlement with Walmart for $168 million due to the company’s negligent practices that contributed to the nationwide opioid crisis.

The agreement will resolve claims by the State of Texas and its Political Subdivisions against Walmart for the company’s practices that exacerbated the opioid epidemic in the state of Texas and across the nation.  The settlement terms contain injunctive relief provisions pertaining to opioid marketing, selling, and dispensing practices, from which the key claims in the lawsuit arose.

Affected Political Subdivisions in Texas—such as local governments and county governments in the Texas Opioids Multidistrict Litigation—are encouraged to sign on to the settlement in order to ensure that Texas citizens and entities may receive all benefits and opioid remediation funds owed to them.

Texas Political Subdivisions who have not yet signed on to the settlement should visit the OAG’s website here for more information.  Joining the settlement allows for Subdivisions to receive direct payments and grant money in the form of opioid abatement funding from the Texas Opioid Council.  The deadline for all Texas Political Subdivisions to sign onto and receive the benefits from the settlement is July 31.

By aggressively pursuing litigation to hold the pharmaceutical industry accountable for its role in the increased suffering, addiction, and death associated with the national opioid epidemic, the OAG has secured over $2.91 billion from Allergan, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Mallinckrodt, Teva, Endo, Johnson & Johnson, Amerisource Bergen, Cardinal Health, McKesson, and McKinsey for Texas and its citizens.

Editors Note: while it may not be required, this news was not released on the shareholder news section of Walmart’s website.  A settlement of this size should be disclosed.

SOURCE: Texas Attorney General 


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