Soulards Restaurant & Bar burns on St. Patrick’s Day

Soulards Restaurant & Bar, St. Louis, MO
Soulards Restaurant & Bar, St. Louis, MO

ST. LOUIS, MO/March 17, 2017 (STL.News) This evening at approximately 6 pm, Soulards Restaurant & Bar caught fire requiring St. Louis’ finest, St. Louis Fire Department, to respond to the call.

The flames traveled quickly throughout the building.  The fire department was quick to respond to the call.  After arriving, the fire department quickly controlled the fire, but a lot of damage was already done.

According to STLRestaurant.News, Jasean Davis, an employee of Soulards says that he believes the fire started when other employees were cleaning backed up grease and food in the kitchen area.

Soulards is located at 1731 South 7th Street, St. Louis, MO.

According to Soulards website, they are an upscale fine dining establishment promoting the best pepper steak in town and have been in business for more than 40 years.

The owner of the establishment is Tim Badock.  Badock’s family also owns Lewis & Clark Restaurant in St. Charles, which was also damaged by fire last week.

Cause of the fire has not yet been confirmed by the St. Louis Fire Department.  The owner, Tim Badock, was not disturbed during the fire for comment.

Comment was posted to Soulards Facebook page this evening.

Video courtesy of STLRestaurant.News.