Ways to Hang Curtains or Barriers to Slow the Spread of Covid-19

(STL.News) When the bells rang out and the fireworks lit up the sky to signal the start of 2020 at the end of New Year’s Eve, none of us could have known what the year had in store.  This year has been, quite simply, one of the most remarkable on record for the entire world.  The covid-19 pandemic started early in the year and spread rapidly across most countries, with Europe being hard hit in the first instance, followed by the USA and elsewhere.  The result was a world that was plunged into turmoil and confusion.

In some countries the government shut down entire cities, with businesses of all kinds forced to close to stop the virus from overwhelming the health service providers.  Shops were forced to close, and the hospitality industry ground to a halt.  There was nothing else that could be done as the scientists worked hard to find a solution.

Enterprising people began hand-making face masks while stalled industries turned their manufacturing capability to help supply medical equipment.  The world rallied round to do its best, and in the home many people came up with interesting and novel ideas that helped shield them from the virus.  One of these is the use of curtains to stop the virus entering or – in some cases – from leaving the home.

Sealing Entry Points

Curtains have long been a staple of homes as have other window coverings such as blinds, and companies that supply curtain hanging systems such as American Track Supply have found their products in demand.  But does hanging a curtain really help keep covid-19 at bay?  In some cases it will help while in others it may not, but it is certainly worth considering.

Think about this: hospital beds are surrounded by curtains which are there not just for privacy, but sometimes to minimize the spread of airborne infections.  The same could be done in the home, and as we mentioned, it can be used against the virus in both directions.  If someone in a household is self-isolating, for example, a curtain between their room and the rest of the house – shielding the door – may be a good idea to prevent possible transmission.

Similarly curtains on external doors act as an extra barrier for when the door needs to be opened.  There is no harm in trying it after all! Bear in mind that some suggestions that keeping curtains open kills germs but this applies more to windows and natural light.  There is a lot to be said for adding protection where necessary, but what does the future look like for the world under covid-19?

Uncertain Future

The main problem we have is that we know little about the covid-19 virus.  All we do know has been gleaned from research carried out during this terrible and tragic year.  Cases are still rife in the USA and in cases are rising rapidly in the UK where, at the time of writing, there are rumors of a second lock-down being implemented – a controversial move that has much opposition.

The future is one in which we live with the virus – it must be said that fatalities are now very low in terms of percentage compared to at the height – and find out all we can, as well as hoping that the researchers come up with a usable vaccine sometime soon.

Meanwhile we can all do our bit in the home by hanging curtains where necessary, wearing masks when outdoors and adhering to the government guide-lines, and by looking forward to a hopefully brighter 2021.