St. Louis Radon

St. Louis Radon adds more radon services to repertoire

ST. LOUIS, MO/March 5, 2017 (STLRealEstate.News) St. Louis Radon, a St. Louis-based innovative company making splashes in local and national news lately, recently announced they are expanding their offerings next month with an environmentally friendly odor-neutralizing service for homeowners.  This brand new, optimized ozone generator treatment will eradicate smoke, pet, urine, and other odors from the home, car, and local business locations, CEO Cherie Summa confirmed.  This was a service that was most requested by past customers, and St. Louis Radon has yet to assign an official pricing.  Summa said the time and money investment is minimal, however.

Functioning as part of the lucrative air purification market in the United States, Grand View Research predicted that the market is expected to be worth $22 billion by 2024, and the residential sector, which makes up less than half of the industry, is projected to grow 8.2 percent over that same period.  Summa, intent on being part of the expansion, predicts this new service will increase revenue by almost 3 percent in 2017, though Summa declined to confirm the exact amount she is expecting.

“The customer base is similar,” said Summa.  “Customers we are targeting are customers we are already working with.”

St. Louis Radon is a full-service radon testing entity that tests for the odorless, colorless radioactive gas full of carcinogens.  This past December, Summa was fully licensed by the state of Illinois, which will allow her Chesterfield-based company to perform mitigation services and grow its Metro East customer base.

At this time, the state of Missouri does not require a home’s radon level to be disclosed in a real estate transaction, and mitigation systems are not normally installed.  This shortcoming is what motivated Summa to professionalize the industry in the state and provide individuals with more access and insight into a potentially life-threatening gas that slips under the real estate radars.