St. Louis, MO: Candicci’s Launches GoFundMe Campaign

Ballwin, MO (STL.News) As everybody knows, restaurants have been the most affected by the COVID-19 lock-downs.  The lock-down has been the focus of many political debates.  Regardless of your political perspectives, the reality is that restaurants are closing at a record rate, and more are expected to close.

The country has waited for months for help from the government, but it has not come as fast as it should have.  Family, friends, and local communities will have to help save the favorite local restaurants.  There are no other options at this moment.  It is a critical time in our country and in this industry.

As restaurant owners wait for the government to help, the reality is that most of the problems were created by the government.  They have locked down businesses, been slow to provide support, and do not know what should be done to learn more about the virus.

Many local restaurants are asking for help.  For those that can afford to help support these establishments, please do so.

This pandemic is not over! We do not know if or when it will be.  News forms of the virus are being found as it mutates itself, possibly rendering the vaccine useless.

Candicci’s Restaurant has recently created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money.  They state that they are not asking for a handout.  They request donations that they will use to purchase food from their establishment but donate the food to front line workers.

Candiccis offers authentic Italian cuisines, catering, online ordering, and catering services.  They have served the community for more than 40 years and provided catering to some of the most respected companies in the St. Louis, MO region.

These campaigns are typical now and being done all around the country.  The most successful is the Barstool Fund, which has raised more than $20 million from approximately 157,000 contributors.  However, we believe this is best served to donate on a local basis.

We will be creating a GoFundMe campaign that will support any St. Louis region restaurant that meets the qualifications for support.  This will be announced soon.