St Louis Local News: A New St Louis Based Company Offering Food Composting Service

ST LOUIS, MOPerennial City, a new St Louis based local small business that has been actively contributing to the ever-important environmental sustainability of St. Louis for the past seven months with its food composting service.

Perennial City founder Beth Grollmes-Kiefer and her husband Tim Kiefer follow a simple yet effective process with their clients:

  • Provide their clients with a composting bucket and pick up their compostables straight from their doors on a regular basis.
  • Develop the compostables into composting piles free of weeds, seeds and plant pathogens ― ultimately creating healthy, usable soil.
  • Return a portion of the soil to their clients and use the rest in their urban farm to grow crops.

On a wider scale, Perennial City’s ultimate mission is to transform vacant, unused land in St. Louis into beautiful and productive urban farms.  Next year, Beth and Tim will begin offering fresh produce grown on their urban farm, creating the start of a truly regenerative cycle from food to compost and back again.


SOURCE: news provided by Perennial City, via Alex Ward