Mobile Gambling in eSports

Over the last decade, gambling has moved to the online format.  Today, eSports gambling makes attempts to strengthen its positions in a mobile format.  Why not?  People want to be flexible in their daily activities, whether it comes to work, studies, or fun.

Playing CS:GO, Dota, or LoL on your mobile device is not that convenient.  But betting on these video games is just a perfect solution.  Mobile betting allows you to take the process under control without missing any single detail.  Moreover, you can take action whenever you feel like it.

Overview of eSports Mobile Gambling

The desktop format of video games has always been the primary option used by players all over the world.  It used to be the case for eSports betting as well. But the situation has changed with the development of mobile technologies.  Today, you don’t need to stick to the screen of your computer to place a bet. Everything can be done on your smartphone.

A space for mobile gaming in the eSports market has already been prepared.  Thanks to mobile devices, eSports betting seems to become more interesting.  After all, more and more video games with a huge fan base and a wide range of tournaments are appearing as apps.  These include well-known games such as Call of Duty, Dota 2, and Fortnite.  There is even a new mobile version of League of Legends.  It won’t be a surprise if video games will turn into professional eSports sometimes later.

Mobile betting is impossible without a good bookie that is accessible via a mobile device.  How to make the right choice in this?  Read the betnow review.  This will give you a good understanding of what to expect from the top bookie.  Once you are done with it, make sure to download it on your mobile phone and take action.

Why Place Bets in a Mobile Format?

Mobile betting allows you to place bets on your favorite eSports whenever and wherever you feel like it.  All you need is a good WiFI connection to bet on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Moreover, you will have full access to the same offers, whether you use Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, or any other smartphone.

Mobile betting has a wide range of benefits.  Here are some of them:


Push notifications on mobile apps let you stay informed about the latest betting offers.  Whether your eSports bookie provides a limited deposit match bonus or a limited betting offer, push notifications will inform you about the deal immediately.  Most apps allow you to make changes to the notification settings.  If you want to get an alert of the particular eSports event, you will be able to adjust your settings accordingly.


Mobile apps make the betting process faster.  It usually takes just a few minutes or even seconds to launch a mobile app, choose the tournament and teams you want to wager on, and place your bet.  What’s more, native mobile apps usually collect personal data locally.  This small nuance allows them to load faster and process operations quicker than web apps that depend on servers.

Live Streaming

Many eSports betting mobile apps allow bettors to join eSports tournaments in the format of live streams.  This means you can become part of the event without actually being present there.

Mobile Optimization

Betting on your mobile device doesn’t need you to go for any compromises.  You can have a smart interface, good offers, and easy navigation optimized according to your needs.

With all said and done, mobile eSports betting ensures that actions are smooth and visuals are adjusted to the screen size.  Everything is made for your convenience.  The main thing is to find the right app and install it on your smartphone.