Media Partner Publishing Program

Media Partner Publishing Program
Media Partner Publishing Program – STL.News

Join our Media Partner Publishing Program and create your advertising agency, news agency, or PR agency to help promote your customers

As an STL.News publisher, you will have access to our news website to publish news from your specific state, as well as publish local news.

We offer a subscription package for the publisher to access our platform.  You will also be given guidelines, STL.News press badge, access to STL.News and USPress.News and membership to the United States Press Agency.  With these benefits come responsibilities, obligations, and opportunities.  You have access to an already established news site to own and manage your news agency, advertising agency, or public relations agency.  You define your business model, knowing you are backed with a robust platform with technical support.

As a state news publisher, you will be required to publish a minimum amount of state news stories.  We will provide you with free access to USPress.News for content.  You can monetize your state news category and articles using several options.  The required number of published news stories varies by state and is based on their releases.  At a minimum, all daily news is provided by the following:

  • Governor
  • Attorney General
  • Secretary of State
  • Conservation Department
  • Health Department

Details will be specific to your particular state.  However, violating this portion of the agreement grants us grounds for termination.

Start your digital marketing agency, start your PR agency, or create your news agency with STL.News

You generate revenue by selling the following:

  • Sell advertising on the designated category header (s)
  • Article sponsorship
  • Press release distribution valued at $139.95
  • Content Writing Services
  • Sponsored content
  • Business Directory listings

Media Partner Publishing Program creates opportunities to participate in improving an industry by leveraging technology and viewing an outdated profession with a fresh vision basing the future on truth, honesty, transparency backed by state-of-the-art-technology

Our platform and news sources offer a solid platform, which creates a solid foundation for small, medium, or primarily based PR agencies, news agencies, ad agencies, or whatever business model is created by this opportunity.  Localized news is possible and creates an entirely new profession and model.  While the news industry has leveraged technology, which benefited the most from the strategy applied?

Our strategy of using “direct source news” can change the news industry.  We are not biased.  Our news is presented as it was originally intended to be presented.  Journalists will present the argument that questions need to be asked and that news needs to be filtered by the industry to ask questions and investigate to ensure that the facts are correct.  While those thoughts may have been viable at some point, there is a significant amount of news that needs distribution, more than investigated and questioned.

Our niche is the state’s top leading news for many reasons.  First, most major news media tends to focus more on national politics than on state news which probably has a significant impact on people’s lives.

Our vision is to create a “news search engine” that publishes unbiased news distributed digitally in a manner that makes it quickly found.  Many small municipalities and states have outdated technology, preventing the news they post on their website difficult to find.  We don’t filter the news to determine what “we” think visitors should read.  We want to publish all news.  Find the news that is not being seen online and post it on a platform that will create visibility.

We could go on and on regarding this topic.  Our vision is solid, it is necessary, it is honorable, moral, and most importantly, it is ethical.  Our approach will create a more transparent society and profession that should be viewed with the highest regard for honesty and integrity.  That has been lost with the more than obvious political agendas by major media sources.

What do we charge?

We charge a monthly subscription fee, ranging between $499 and $1299 per month.  The subscription fee varies by state.  Additionally, 10% of revenues shall be paid as a royalty to support the site and hosting expenses.

STL.News Ahrefs rankings are UR Rating of 86 and DR Rating of 72 and ranked 63,643th globally as of September 10, 2019.  Placing it in the top .00062 of all websites in the world.  Not bad out of 1B sites online.

For more information, use the following contact information or visit Media Partner Opportunity at

Additionally, read how to become a publisher on

  • Marty Smith – email Marty@STLMedia.Agency – mobile at (417) 529-1133
  • Kevin Amant – email – mobile at (314) 803-8727