Business Scam Alert - Domain Name Services

Business Scam Alert – Domain Name Services

Business Scam Alert – Domain Name Services – Another domain service trying to transfer domain names while making it appear as a renewal.

Buffalo, NY (STL.News) On February 17, 2024, we published a “Business Scam Alert” warning about “Domain Networks,” which attempts to transfer your domain name from the existing domain registrar to its service and promises a directory listing.

Another service is performing the same service, which appears to be the same or a similar scam.

Domain Name Services is located at 2316 Delaware Avenue, #306, Buffalo, New York, 14216.  The address is a UPS box; no ” legitimate” business address can be found.

They are sending out notices that appear to be invoices, even though they state that they are not invoices.  This is designed to intentionally confuse the domain owner, resulting in them paying the invoice that they state is not an invoice.  However, domain owners are apparently falling for this deceitful approach.

Again, this company is attempting to get us to transfer our domain for $265.00, which will cost us only $12.95 at  Paying these invoices may take the website offline due to IP Address changes.

In our first Business Scam Alert regarding Domain Networks, they at least provided you with a directory listing.  Based on what we can find, this business scam alert about Domain Services does not provide any additional services.  They just want you to transfer your domain to control it and profit from the substantial markup.

We recommend against using these services because they cost more money and can possibly take your website offline.  However, if you receive one of these letters, we highly recommend that you call and visit your existing domain registrar before making the final decision.


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