Dominica Resort Approved for Citizenship by Investment Gets Certified by Green Globe – A Premiere in the Caribbean

LONDON (STL.News) – The Commonwealth of Dominica is taking centre stage for its inspiring climate resilience initiatives and developing an exquisite ecotourism sector. It achieves this thanks to Dominicans’ intrinsic resilient nature, their respect for their island, and attracting eco-conscious foreign investors, with funding for implementation of these green projects largely coming from Dominica’s prestigious Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programme.

Secret Bay is one of the real estate options that can qualify an eligible applicant for second citizenship from Dominica. The eco-luxury resort announces that it has become the first Caribbean CBI real estate to achieve the Green Globe Certification, joining the likes of Radisson Blu, Jumeirah and Mövenpick.

Scoring 83% on the Green Globe sustainability compliance scale, Secret Bay is: “Dedicated to social development through the skilling and employment of local people to ensure that guests can enjoy authentic and original experiences,” says Guido Bauer, CEO of Green Globe. It prides itself on its sustainable business model, supporting the neighbouring community and sourcing fresh, organic produce from local suppliers. Secret Bay boasts eco-conscious, ultra-luxurious private villas, hidden across 33 acres of dense rainforest overlooking an emerald private bay in the Caribbean Sea.

The ‘Nature Isle of the Caribbean’ has steered clear of the mainstream road to tourism, instead focusing on ecotourism by attracting high-quality individuals who can appreciate Dominica’s astonishing natural gems and tranquil way of life. A select few candidates applying under the CBI Programme are awarded Dominica’s valuable citizenship, which comes with unique benefits. Economic citizens of Dominica are granted high international mobility, safety and peace in a stable democracy, future security for one’s family, who are eligible to inherit Dominican citizenship, while contributing to the island’s feat to become ‘the world’s first climate-resilient nation’, as pledged by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit after Hurricane Maria in 2017.

To qualify, applicants must first pass all due diligence checks and make an investment into Dominica’s economy. This can either be in the form of a USD 100,000 minimum contribution to the Economic Diversification Fund or an investment worth at least USD 200,000 in pre-approved real estate, such as Secret Bay or any of the other carefully picked CBI hotels and resorts. The application process starts with choosing an Authorised Agent and lasts up to 90 days.