Best Plumbers in St. Louis – 2022 –

Best Plumbers in St. Louis – 2022 – According to – Top-12 Out of 236

St Louis, MO (STL.News) ranks the Best Plumbers in St. Louis, Missouri for 2022 after reviewing 236.  Unfortunately, plumbers are not high on anybody’s priority list until you need them.  Then they quickly become critical, and they can become your guardian angel or your worst nightmare.  Hopefully, this list will help those in the St. Louis region avoid a bad experience.

The Best Plumbers in St. Louis – 2022, according to, are as follows:

  1. Anytime Plumbing Services – 314-283-3370
  2. Bore’s Plumbing & Sewer Service – 314-352-8022
  3. Cordia Plumbing – 314-781-6241
  4. Hoffman Plumbing – 314-772-3559
  5. J.R. Plumbing – 314-849-1009
  6. Kirkwood Plumbing – 314-207-3916
  7. Lemay Plumbing, Inc. – 314-544-1066
  8. Linek Plumbing Company – 314-962-0956
  9. R.A. Guinner Plumbing Company – 314-752-9850
  10. Sur-Fix Plumbing – 314-481-9793
  11. USA Plumbing Plus – 314-349-7290
  12. WM. G. Cocos Co. Inc. – 314-631-2688

Plumbing is a rare skill, and the industry lacks sufficient workers to meet the demand, which demands higher prices.

We recommend that you review these companies’ rankings and online customer reviews on Google, Yelp, and Angi.

NOTE: This list was determined by  STL.News has not independently verified the information contained within.  Therefore, we do not guarantee its accuracy.  We offer this list out as a convenience.  However, is a respected source that we believe in providing reliable information.   This information is not sponsored by or the plumbers listed on the post.