Attic Construction Boasts 6 Years of Excellence

SAN DIEGO, CA (STL.News) – Joe and Yahav, founders of Attic Construction, consider themselves to be much more than your friendly neighborhood attic insulation installation business. When asked, “What makes Attic Construction special?  What should people know about Attic Construction?”, their answer is simple, yet confident:

“We’re good at keeping customers happy.” -Yahav

The origins of Attic Construction are described by the founders as “just us and a truck”.  Fast forward 6 years, the company has serviced over 5,500 homes and expanded their size exponentially.  But how did they achieve this rapid pace of growth?  Joe and Yahav credit their unique operational strategy.  This strategy is built around three specialties: Training, Communication, and Equipment.

Training: Attic Construction employs a rigorous training program for each of their employees to ensure that they are not only masters of their craft, but in customer service as well.  But as soon as a newly trained employee is ready to be part of the team, they are treated like family.

Communication: Management’s priority in customer service is ensuring that all requests and needs are carefully taken note of, and catered to effectively.  Pictures are taken at every job site before, during, and after the visit, and sent to the management team for a thorough analysis of the job.

Equipment: Joe and Yahav take tremendous pride in the work that they do, and a big part of why their service is so respectable is their top-of-the-line equipment.  Extensive research goes into their purchasing decisions to ensure that their equipment is the best their industry has to offer.  In addition, proper cleaning and upkeep are always employed to maintain the equipment.

Joe expressed: “To us here at Attic Construction, anything less than 5 stars in customer service is a failure.  We want every customer who hires us to feel as if they were treated with the utmost respect and that they were a priority to us.”

About Attic Construction: Attic Construction is an “all-in-one” attic service business.  Whether you need rodent proofing and decontamination, insulation installation, or a simple cleaning, the team at Attic wants you to know that they’ve got it handled.  To top it off, they provide free inspections and consultations for their customer’s utmost convenience.