We are not political – we support freedom

We are not political – we support freedom.  What will life look like after we get through this event?

(STL.News) We are not political!  Naturally, we have our political views, but supporting freedom is the belief that every person has the right to their own perspective.  We support freedom!  We support America as long as America supports freedom.

These events should not have happened.  We will probably all agree with that.  But, putting that aside, how do we end it now?  How do we prevent it in the future?

Look at a few of the headlines:

  1. Russia: Putin orders nuclear forces on high alert
  2. Russia Orders Military – Put Nuclear Deterrence on HIGH ALERT
  3. Air raid sirens blare in Kyiv as Russian forces push towards the city
  4. Civilians are blocking Russian troops

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The world needs to end the power of Russia.