Violent protest across the country demanding justice in the murder of George Floyd

Violent acts across the country as protesters demand justice for George Floyd

(STL.News) In multiple cities across the country, “proclaimed protesters” rioted demanding justice for murdered George Floyd.  Floyd was murdered by ex-officer Derek Chauvin after placing his knee on Floyds’ neck while handcuffed, laying on the ground.  Floyd was screaming for help and mercy for minutes before death occurred.  The obvious lack of emotion and arrogance of ex-officer Chauvin is frightening.

While the local prosecutors charged Chauvin with Third Degree Murder, Floyd’s family and protesters are demanding First Degree Murder charge and charges to be brought against the other three officers that failed to protect Floyd.

“Legal scholars” are debating whether charges should be First Degree or Third Degree.  Many protesters think that multiple city authorities should also be held responsible for failing to take action to prevent this murder as Chauvin has incurred many complaints of abuse that was ignored or over-looked.  Many are demanding that the mayor and chief of police be held responsible as well.

Should this “protest” should be viewed as more than a “protest?”  Is it the beginning of something more than a protest?

The murder of Floyd by ex-officer Chauvin came at the end of the lock-down, which has escalated tensions that have built up in recent months due to the lock-down.

Many protesters believe that the authorities is seeking legal strategies to minimize rather than maximum charges.

Police brutality has been a hot topic in recent years as a result of the black community falling victim to abuse, harassment, and now murder.  This case is different because the entire event was caught on video.  It is apparent that there was no “resisting arrest” by Floyd.  Floyd was in handcuffs and there was multiple officers present to control the situation that resulted in Floyds’ death.

Authoritative figures charged with any charges relating to abuse of power should be held to even a higher standard.  This protest is making it clear that they get it and expect more than minimal charges to honor Floyd.

There are reasons that support that this is an unplanned act that could result in more than it being a protest.  The abuse of power by authoritative figures are common and have increased in their exposure in recent years with the increase in social media and major main stream media.  Recently, national news exposed acts that were abuse of power in the Michael Flynn case and in the case Russian collusion investigation against President Trump.

America cannot be a “free” country until acts involving abuse of power are under control.  In order to get control of abuse of power those found guilty need to be held responsible for their actions to curb the same behavior by others.

Many journalists report these cases as isolated and “not the norm,” but it appears that abuse of power is part of life in America as it impacts the black communities and travels all the way up to the White House.

Again, is this “just” a protest” or the beginning of something more?  Only time will tell!  But it appears that the protesters are more than protesters protesting.  There might be a bigger problem and statement being made than is being not being understood at this point.