Utah Governor Cox Declares April 2021 As Utah Dark Sky Month

Utah Governor Cox Declares April 2021 As Utah Dark Sky Month

SALT LAKE CITY  UT (STL.News) Did you know that more than 80% of people in North America can’t see the Milky Way at night?

Luckily, we have 23 accredited International Dark Sky places in Utah.

With the highest concentration of International Dark-Sky Association-certified locations, however, comes great responsibility.

Dark skies are integral to the well-being of many animal and plant species, and they have positive health impacts on humans.  The astrotourism industry is anticipated to generate nearly $6 billion and support more than 113,000 new jobs in the American Southwest over the next decade.  And The implementation of dark sky practices in land use, construction, utilities, and other aspects of community life actively promotes local governance, reduces energy-costs, and preserves Utah’s Western lifestyle.

We want to recognize these facts, as well as the partnership of federal, state, and local agencies and Utah’s recreation, tourism, and education sectors, which make night sky opportunities in our state available for all to enjoy — which is why we’ve declared April 2021, as Utah Dark Sky Month.

Celebrate this month by visiting one of Utah’s 23 accredited International Dark Sky places — which include 4 of our national parks, 10 state parks, and two towns.  The Utah Office of Tourism has a number of resources to help you make the most of your visit, including stargazing tips, road trip plans, photography advice and more.

Happy Utah Dark Sky Month, and remember to recreate responsibly!

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