US citizens should demand oil independence

The US needs to be energy independent – US citizens should demand oil independence.  How can America be the world political leader by depending on products and services that result in the political power of influence over American politicians?

(STL.News) We understand politics, but there comes the point that politics need to be set aside, and survival takes top priority.  The left pushing for a green plan is not wrong, but fossil fuel is not wrong.  America has high energy demands.  The world political stage has changed.  Our energy policy needs to change to reflect the world political environment.

The democratic party has a history of creating policies that result in high gas prices.  We are not supporting either side.  We support America.  Historically, Republicans have lower energy prices for Americans.  America needs to leverage all types of energy, including solar, wind, nitrogen, and any new technologies we can create.  We should be the world energy leader and help our allies each be independent or rely on the world’s leading democracy.

This is not a political agenda.  It is economical and business-related, not to mention survival.  There is nothing else that makes sense.  It will free us from foreign political influences, create jobs, and control the world’s energy technologies.  This could make Biden historic if he adopts a new energy agenda that protects America from political pressures.

The economic pressures are here thanks to Russia.  Therefore, you can expect a recession.  It cannot be avoided at this point, but hopefully, we can prevent an economic depression.  The results of bad policies have not hit us with their full force yet, but it will come.  The national average gas price today is $4.07.

Save America and the world; DRILL and defend democracy!

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