University City, Missouri

University City is located in St. Louis County in the state of Missouri.  It is an inner-ring suburb of the city of St. Louis, which lies within St. Louis County.  Being one of the older suburbs in the area, University City received popularity in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  During this time, it was labeled a streetcar suburb, meaning that it was a residential community strongly impacted by streetcar lines.

Geography of University City, Missouri

U City is a highly residential area, primarily populated by families.  The city has four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school.  The borders of the city are Northmoor (on its southern side), Skinker Boulevard (on its eastern side), and old McKnight (on its western side).  The total area of University City is approximately 5.90 square miles.

Attractions in U City

A popular location within University City in the Delmar Loop.  Located on Delmar Boulevard, the Delmar Loop is the entertainment, cultural and restaurant district of University City.  Six blocks long, it features one-of-a-kind shops, restaurants, art galleries, live music, café culture, and the St. Louis Walk of Fame.  In total, there are over 145 shops.  Delmar Loop also frequently holds many events that are updated on the official website with times and details.  A directory of all shops can be found on the Delmar Loop’s official website.

University City also contains University City Olive Link, known for its high concentration of East Asian businesses.  Also located in University City is Midland Boulevard, which is the dividers of the watersheds of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers.  Some major highways that run through University City are Interstate 170 (I-170), Missouri Route 340 (MO-340), Delmar Boulevard, Forest Park Parkway, Olive Boulevard, and Skinker Parkway.


University City has a high concentration of those of the Jewish faith.  Many Jewish cemeteries and religious centers are scattered throughout the city, including the Young Israel of St. Louis and Agudas Israel of St. Louis.

The 2010 consensus found that University City comprised 35,371 people, 16,154 households, and 8,484 families and had a population density of 5,995.1 inhabitants per square mile. In addition, the census found that the city’s racial makeup is as follows: 50.8% White, 41.1% African American, 0.3% Native American, 4.3% Asian, 0.9% from other races, and 2.7% from two or more.  This was quite similar to the 2000 census that found that University City had a racial makeup of 49.26% White, 45.35% African American, 0.16% Native American, 2.85% Asian, 0.03% Pacific Islander, 0.56% from other races, and 1.80% from two or more races.

Notable People

University City is home to many notable people, including those famous for their work in the arts and sports, which are prominent fields in St. Louis.  Among these people are novelist Stanley Elkin, singer and actress Jane Froman, screenwriter Bob Gale, TV host Dave Garroway, composer John Hartford, Chicago Cubs pitcher Ken Holtzman, rapper Nelly, poet Howard Nemerov, sculptor James Peniston, pitcher Robert Person, playwright Tennessee Williams, singer Ike Willis, football player Kamryn Babb, and basketball player Patrick McCaw.

Historical Destinations in University City

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