Top 5 Sports That You Can Place a Bet On

(STL.News) Sports betting is very popular today.  But which discipline should you choose?  Both team and individual competitions have advantages and disadvantages.  If you do not know which sport to choose for betting, we will tell you about the five best disciplines for betting, according to

5. Rugby

Watching matches on this injury-prone but fascinating sport is very interesting.  One of the most important advantages for bookmakers is that you can find a lot of statistical information on rugby, as well as insider information about players’ injuries, their psychological state, and so on.  Experts often make predictions about the sport and post them on the Web.  If we talk about bookmakers, there are a variety of betting options for NFL games and other major leagues.  At the same time, the betting limits are very high.  The downside is that in live mode, the number of events for betting on rugby is drastically reduced.  Also, it can be quite difficult to keep track of all the teams in the NFL, because there are 32 of them in the league.

4. Soccer

There are a lot of soccer tournaments, and they are played in it both in winter and in summer.  A bettor can easily find all the information he needs about competitions, clubs, and players to analyze the match, and there are many soccer predictions on the Internet. Bets on this sport are distinguished by a variety of options and high odds.  But soccer has its drawbacks.  For example, most matches are played on weekends (except for European Cup games).  This means that on weekdays you will have to bet on other sports or lower-level matches. Another disadvantage is that it takes a long time to analyze soccer statistics.

3. Hockey

The advantage of hockey is the frequency of matches.  In the world’s leading leagues, such as the KHL and NHL, games are played every day with rare exceptions.  As in the case of soccer, you can find a lot of information and statistics on teams and players on the Internet, as well as predictions from professionals on the upcoming matches.  Hockey also offers many betting options.  The downside is that you won’t be able to place bets on hockey matches during the summer, as there is an off-season pause during this time.  You will find high odds only for NHL games.  Also, some bookmakers set very low limits on hockey bets.

2. Basketball

Speaking of basketball, we will focus on the NBA, as this league is the most popular in the world.  In this sport, the betting amounts do not have strict limits, and the margin is low.  Up to 14 or 15 games are played every day.  A rich database of statistics will help you in basketball betting.  Unfortunately, there are not many major tournaments in this sport.

1. Tennis

Tennis is the most popular solo sport and one of the most interesting to watch.  Tournaments are held all year round.  There are a lot of betting options, and tennis is ideal for playing in live mode.  The analysis is much simpler as it is easier to compare two athletes than two teams with many players.  But bookmakers are trying to ruin bettors’ lives by setting low limits for betting on tennis (of course, not all companies do this, but quite a few).  Also, the result of an entire match in this sport depends only on the actions of one person.