Supreme Court of the United States is the highest court in the country

Supreme Court of the United States, a.k.a. SCOTUS, was created in 1789, pursuant to Article III of the United States Constitution. SCOTUS is the highest court in the United States.

SCOTUS has jurisdiction over a small range of legal cases, basically focusing on cases that involve constitutional or statuary law.  SCOTUS has the power of judicial review.  It may only act within the area of cases in an area of law over which it has jurisdiction.

According to the United States federal statute, SCOTUS consists of the United States Chief Justice and eight (8) associate judges, who the President nominates, then confirmed by the Senate.  If the judges are approved, justices have lifetime tenure unless they voluntarily resign, retire, or are removed from office.

SCOTUS meets at the Supreme Court Building in Washington.  Its law enforcement arm is the United States Marshals Service and is under the United States Department of Justice oversight.

Currently, the United States Chief Justice is John Roberts, serving the position since September 29, 2005.

The Associate Justices are:

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