Ahrefs - What is Ahrefs?

STL.News Ahrefs Ratings

STL.News Ahrefs ratings are as follows:

  • Ahrefs Rank – 70,925
  • Ahrefs DR Rating – 86
  • Ahrefs UR Rating – 72
  • Backlinks – 6.45M
  • Referring Domains – 32.7K

Note: STL.News ratings were determined last on December 21, 2018

Who or what is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs collects, processes and stores large amounts of data for SEO and search marketing professionals.

Ahrefs crawls the web 24/7/365, as do the search engines, storing information about websites and how they connect to each other via links and what keywords they rank for in search results

Ahrefs processes large amounts of data to maintain the worlds largest third party DB of search queries with monthly search volume and keyword research metrics.

Ahrefs is similar to a search engine. Search any word and Ahrefs will return all pages, mentioning that “word” with their SEO metrics attached to them.

Every 24 Hours Ahrefs discovers – 1.8M new pages
Total Content Indexed Size – 1B pages
Every 24 hours they update metrics – 72 million pages
Complete Update – Monthly

Keyword indexes

Ahrefs operates independent keyword indexes. The large one is utilized for studying search patterns of internet users. The smaller one is used for researching the database is used for searching search queries that websites rank for in organic search refults.

Backlink Index

Ahrefs holds the world’s largest index of live backlinks that is updated with fresh data every 15-30 minutes. They then use that data to calculate their proprietary metrics: Ahefs Rank, Domain Rating and URL Rating.

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