St. Louis Lambert International Airport

St. Louis Lambert International Airport in St. Louis, MO, a.k.a. Lambert Field

St. Louis Lambert International Airport is an international airport that services the St. Louis metro area and surrounding areas for miles.  Travelers from across the midwest travel to St. Louis to travel to designations around the world.

It is approximately 14 miles from downtown St. Louis residing in the unincorporated St. Louis County, close to Berkeley and Bridgeton, Missouri.  It is commonly referred to as Lambert Field.  It is the largest and most frequently used airport in Missouri.

According to records, more than 13.9 million passengers traveled through Lambert in 2016. In addition, the airport has more than 270 departures to over 80 domestic and international destinations.

Two airports are serving the St. Louis metro area.  Lambert is obviously the primary, and MidAmerica St. Louis Airport is located approximately 37 miles east.  The two airports are connected by the mass transit Red Line of the St. Louis MetroLink.  Both are served by commercial airlines.

St. Louis “Lambert” was named after Albert Bond Lambert, who was an Olympic medalist and St. Louis based aviator.

Lambert was the first airport to have an air traffic control system beginning in the 1920s.  They communicated with pilots by waving flags. So naturally, the technology has improved with state-of-the-art systems.

The first airlines to serve the Lambert Airport were Robertson Airlines, Marquette Airlines, and Eastern Air Lines.

Oddly, the airport became home to Naval Air Station St. Louis, a Naval Air Reserve facility that was an active-duty installation during WWII.  Additionally, during the war, the airport became a manufacturing location for McDonnell Aircraft and Curtis-Wright.

The airport is owned by the City of St. Louis and operated by the St. Louis City Airport Commission.

Lambert International Airport

10701 Lambert International Blvd
St. Louis, Missouri 63145
Phone: (314) 426-8000


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