St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum

Celebrating the city’s prosperous baseball franchise, The St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum is located in downtown St. Louis, Missouri.  Established in 2014 within Ballpark Village, the museum has inducted 37 professional players onto its walls.  It honors the players and personnel of the St. Louis Cardinals of Major League Baseball (MLB), as well as the history of the team and St. Louis’s cherished sport.

History of the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum

Before 2014, The St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum was initially located within the same building as the International Bowling Museum and the World Bowling Writers International Bowling Hall of Fame.  The establishment was located near the new Busch Stadium in St. Louis.  In 2008, however, the International Bowling Museum closed its doors in Missouri and relocated to Arlington, Texas, leaving the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum without a home.

Thankfully, the museum staff was determined to find a new location and reopen the hall of fame as soon as possible.  Six years later, in 2014, they were able to move the museum to the St. Louis Ballpark Village and reopen operations to the public.  The new location is found within Cardinals Nation, a venue spanning 30,000 feet, including a restaurant and bar, retail store, and rooftop deck/event facility.  Cardinals Nation aims to give fans a place to enjoy and celebrate the baseball team, making it the perfect home for The St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum.  Cardinals Nation is located on Clark Street across from Busch Stadium.


The selection committee for those voted into The St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum is comprised of both professional baseball experts and fans of the Cardinals.  Fans may vote for which player they believe is the best fit during six weeks each spring, before the enshrinement during the summer.

To be eligible to be inducted into the Cardinals Hall of Fame, players must have played in at least three seasons on the Cardinals’ team.  They must also be retired from the MLB for at least three years to be deemed eligible.  If a player has been retired from the MLB for 40 or more years, the committee deems them, veteran players.  Those retired for less than 40 years are deemed to be modern players.  The committee selects one veteran player to be inducted and then nominated between 6 and 10 modern players to be chosen by the fans.


The St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum is open year-round to the public.  On game days, the museum remains open through the 7th inning.  Normal hours of operation are Monday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Admission is $12 for adults, $10 for seniors and military, $8 for children, and free for children under three.  Discount group rates are available.  Three hours of free parking is available on non-game days.

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