Selling Later empowers sellers and slows down the fast-paced world of real estate

PITTSBURGH (STL.News) – Selling Later, a new online community connecting future home sellers with prospective home buyers, is launching July 15. To celebrate the launch of this innovative service, future home sellers can post their home to the Selling Later online community FREE until July 31.

Here is how it works. Future home sellers create a post with their home information, pictures, and preferred time frame for selling their home (example: posting today with a potential sale date in April 2020). Future buyers log on and send inquiries to homes they would be interested in buying. The seller uses their inquiries and notes to make informed decisions about selling their home.

“The largest investment of most peoples’ lives shouldn’t have to be rushed,” said Wendy Gilch, Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Most sellers know they want to sell their home four to six months in advance. With Selling Later, future home sellers can start the process now, instead of waiting to list and then potentially having only 30 to 60 days to close and find a new home.”

Facts about Selling Later

Selling Later does not sell advertising or sell user information.
Selling Later informs community members on the types of real estate services available, but feels it’s up to the seller to decide how they choose to sell their home.
All communications are sent via masked emailing to protect privacy.
Selling Later has a strict anti-solicitation policy to ensure that the sellers receive messages directly from potential buyers, not from people looking to sell them services.
A portion of every post will be donated to nonprofits throughout the United States.
Contact: Wendy Gilch
Selling Later LLC