Online Pizza Ordering


Online Pizza Ordering

ST. LOUIS, MO: (STLRestaurant.News) Online Pizza Ordering – STL.Pizza was sold recently for an undisclosed amount of money to an anonymous buyer located in St. Louis, MO metro area.  They are excited to tell the community that they are online now with a few pizzerias located throughout the city.

However, more deals are already in the works so more will be coming online soon.  Thus far, they offer Candicci’s  Restaurant and Bar, Ballwin, MO,  Talayna’s Italian Restaurant, Chesterfield and J Greene’s Pub in Warson Woods, MO.

The owners of STL.Pizza wants to have 50 pizzerias on board before the end of this year.  From the sounds of the website, one would certainly think that 50 is a reasonable number.  That figures out to be approximately 3.1 new pizzerias each week to sign up for the program.

The benefits to the pizzerias are that they website is highly optimized, properly indexed with Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex, the URL is search engine friendly and considered a premium domain name and shares its content with 50+ social sites for maximum visibility.

Consumers benefit from one website offering pizza’s from multiple restaurants from across the city.  The content will also be shared with more than 50 social media sites including Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more.

The managers of STL.Pizza  assures pizzerias that they can drive more traffic to their website than the restaurants can attract to their own sites for various reasons, some of which are listed above.

One thing that leaves little to debate is that American’s love their pizza.  Approximately 94% of Americans eat pizza on a regular basis from some estimated 61,000 pizzerias in the U.S.   Additionally, it is estimated that more than 5 billion pizzas are sold each year worldwide.  Keep in mind that October is National Pizza Month in the U.S.  Look for upcoming specials and promos as many pizzerias will celebrate this month, next month.

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