North Carolina Division of Air Quality Reached Agreements with Enviva Hamlet, Enviva Sampson wood pellet plants

Raleigh, NC (STL.News) – The Division of Air Quality (DAQ) has reached two agreements to establish more protective air pollution controls at Enviva pellet production facilities.  The first agreement is with Clean Air Carolina, the plaintiff in the contested permit petition over the Enviva Pellets Hamlet air permit.  The settlement results in the addition of a regenerative catalytic oxidizer/regenerative thermal oxidizer (RCO/RTO) to reduce emissions at the Hamlet facility.

Under the terms of the settlement, Enviva agrees to several changes at the Hamlet wood pellet manufacturing facility:

  • Within 120-180 days, Enviva will submit a permit application for the installation of a regenerative catalytic oxidizer/regenerative thermal oxidizer to control the emissions from the dry hammermills.
  • An enforceable limit will be added to the permit to track material throughput of the hammermills and ensure emissions stay within required levels.
  • Enviva also agrees to additional recordkeeping and reporting conditions.

In a second, separate settlement between DAQ and Enviva, Enviva has agreed to the addition of an RCO/RTO on the hammermills at the Enviva Pellets Sampson plant.  That change will be reflected in an upcoming draft permit, which will be provided for public comment.

Both settlement agreements are available online at