MortgageFlex Systems Implements Digital POS System, MortgageHippo, with CU Home Mortgage Solutions (CUHMS)

JACKSONVILLE, FLA. (STL.News) – MortgageFlex Systems (MortgageFlex), a leading industry LOS provider announced its successful integration of MortgageHippo, the leading borrower-centric digital lending platform with CU Home Mortgage Solutions (CUHMS). CUHMS was looking to improve efficiency and optimize conversions. Prior to the integration, MortgageHippo was working with CUHMS to support their digital mortgage goals. MortgageFlex found that partnering with MortgageHippo would provide even more value to CUHMS and other lenders. The partnership will provide lenders with the tools needed to increase efficiencies and enhance the user experience.

“In 2019, lenders must focus on providing borrowers with a smooth and intuitive digital experience to remain competitive,” said MortgageHippo EVP and Chief Strategy Officer Joe Dahleen. “We’re excited to provide CUHMS and our other credit union clients with a fantastic member-focused digital mortgage experience. Integrating our platform with the MortgageFlex LOS will significantly increase efficiencies in the mortgage origination process,” he added.

MortgageHippo’s solution is highly efficient due to its ability to improve automation, adapt to the lender’s process and workflows, and support different lender strategies. MortgageFlex and MortgageHippo align on the same core values and mission to exceed customers’ expectations and deliver a unique experience across multiple channels of lending.

“The focus of many lenders is to establish a POS presence that will improve the quality of originations and level of customer service,” Chief Operating Officer of MortgageFlex, Craig Bechtle said. “By creating an industry-leading integration between MortgageFlexONE and MortgageHippo, we were able to provide CUHMS, and other lenders, a seamless transition between POS and LOS. The integration raises the quality of data and eliminates the costly verification steps,” Bechtle said.

MortgageFlex and MortgageHippo look to provide lenders with the most value and are expanding their relationship to offer a bundled cost solution. In today’s digital marketplace, lenders want the best digital experience. Open APIs, workflow automation tools, and best-of-breed partner integrations will increase the experience and efficiency. Adding the MortgageHippo platform as a bundled solution increases the value of both offerings.

“We’re excited about this integration as it will help drive efficiencies that ultimately translate into a better borrower experience,” President of CUHMS, Brian Pouch said. “Being on the leading edge of the digital mortgage process is important to CUHMS in this highly competitive landscape.”

About MortgageFlex:

MortgageFlex Systems was founded for one reason – to simplify mortgage lending. After 38 years, we’re still focused on the mortgage industry and dedicated to providing lenders with smart software solutions. Our mission is to provide all channels of lending with the most cost-effective LOS and servicing software. Our services include 24/7 support, hosting, managed services, and implementation. MortgageFlex Systems looks to cultivate a strong partnership and is dedicated to helping reach your optimal potential with our LOS, MortgageFlexONE- ‘The New Peak of Efficiency.’ (904) 356-2490

About MortgageHippo:

About MortgageHippo: Based in Chicago, MortgageHippo is a financial technology company offering a comprehensive suite of web and mobile-ready products white-labeled for banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders. Their digital platform allows lenders to deliver an intuitive, smooth and efficient borrower experience, improve borrower conversions, significantly reduce origination costs and integrate with other innovative technologies. MortgageHippo’s platform is highly customizable to lender preferences and configurable to lenders’ workflows and processes. For more info, visit

About CU Home Mortgage Solutions:

CU Home Mortgage Solutions, LLC. Is a mortgage CUSO headquartered in Seattle, WA. As a CUSO, CUHMS supports the mortgage lending functions of Harborstone Credit Union (Lakewood, WA) and Verity Credit Union (Seattle, WA). CUHMS goal is to make credit unions in Pacific NW the preferred source for members mortgage needs. CUHMS is licensed in WA and OR. CUHMS has been awarded the Best & Brightest Companies to Work for in 20117 and 2018 as well as Best in Class 2018 for loan products by MortgageSAT.