How Video Games are Modified to Suit the Fabric of the Arab Culture

(STL.News) Video game companies are noticing and enjoying a massive demand for their many games in the Middle East.  People in the Middle East loving playing video games.  Most of the population is young, tech-savvy, and enthusiastic.  It has become important for video game companies to cater to the needs of the Arab culture.

Video games are enjoyed by people from many age groups.  People all over the world love to play popular AAA titles on sites that are popular in Florida and other places.  For entertainment and relaxation.  To target the audience in the Middle East, video game companies must create a version of the game that suits the Arab world.  In this article, we will talk about how video games can be localized or culturally adapted to suit the needs of the Arab culture.

Video Game Modifications for the Middle East

The language

The Arabic language is unique as it is written from right to left.  Hence, translators need to pay great care and attention in this regard, and so, it is important to make sure that the game’s user interface is optimized accordingly.  It is also important to make sure that if there are any foreign words in the translated text, they should read well with the Arabic language.

It is better to go for native translators for your localization needs as they understand the subtleties and the cultural nuances of the language much better.  Your game audience will appreciate this effort as the game will feel natural and familiar to them.

Also, keep in mind that the Arabic language has many idiosyncrasies.  For example, the Arabic language has genders assigned to most objects, and so, it is important to make sure that this subtlety of the Arabic language is taken into consideration.  Arabic is very expressive in terms of depth of emotion, and so, it is important to respect the language.

When it comes to dialect, it is always best to go with Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) instead of classical or colloquial dialects.  Classical dialect is usually reserved for legal and religious purposes, whereas when it comes to colloquial dialect, you will find many forms and varieties in it.  It is also wise to consult a linguist and take their opinions on which dialect best serves the audience in the gaming experience.

When creating game content or promoting the game, it is also essential to consider that a single dialect may not be sufficient to reach a broad audience in the Middle East.  Many translations may be required to reach your audience.  Hence, your marketing efforts must ensure that you reach the intended audience of many regions in the Middle East and try to connect with them fully.

The Culture

The Middle East has a very unique and different culture from the west.  It is important to make sure that the cultural references made in the game are respectable and appropriate.  Many changes will have to be made to the games to eliminate the particular western attitudes that are not acceptable to the Arab culture.  Hence, great emphasis has to be put on cultural adaptation.

One might have to go to great lengths and even remove the content and characters in the game that might hurt the religious sentiments of the audience in the Middle East.  Remember that there are many countries in the Middle East, and they all differ in their attitudes.  While some countries can be quite open and liberal, other countries can be highly conservative.

People in Middle Eastern countries are deeply devoted to the Islamic religion. It is important to respect their religious sentiments and not make references to the verses of the Quran and other religious texts.  The language used in the game must not be obscene. It must be clean and friendly.

It is important to be sensitive to the various cultural elements and notions of what is acceptable and what isn’t.  Make sure to avoid controversial and sensitive topics.  One has to respect the cultural norms from one country to another in the Middle East.  Usually, subjects like gambling, drugs, alcohol, excessive violence, and sexuality are not welcome or appreciated by the culture.

Video game companies will also find themselves very successful if they create local content suited to Arabs in their video games.  Video game companies can also offer Downloadable content (DLCs) that the Middle East audience will specifically appreciate.

While one has to be very culturally sensitive to the demands and needs of the Arab market, it is advantageous to incorporate the various elements of the rich Arab culture into the game to establish a personal and emotional connection with your audience.

In Conclusion

Hence, game localization efforts can significantly boost the sales of video games in the Arab market.  The Arab world has a very active and vibrant gaming community.  Video game companies can make the best of this demand and enjoy a loyal customer base in the Middle East.