How to Host the Ultimate Weekend Bash

(STL.News) So it finally happened, you were able to get your closest and best friends to be off work and available for the whole weekend.  You’ve all set the time aside to have the ultimate weekend bash, but here you are set to host without a clue of what you’re going to do or how you’re going to entertain for two consecutive nights of living it up.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips for how to host an unforgettable weekend party.  No matter how you and your friends like to get down, there will be some ideas for everyone from the plain to the partiers, so with a little planning, everyone should be able to have a blast.

If It’s Too Loud You’re Too Old

While this saying probably isn’t the truest or healthiest adage, cranking some tunes can really get an evening going.  This goes for just about any type of music enthusiast, from rap & hip-hop to country, alternative, and of course, emo.

If you and your friends developed your musical tastes in the 2000s, chances are you would love the Fall Out Boy studio albums on vinyl for your next bash.  They will put warmth and depth on those tunes that you probably thought you’d never hear from FOB.

No matter what you decide to put on, be sure that you have a portable speaker or two so that you can bring the music with you on your adventures, even if there are no outlets available.  You can party anywhere outside with Bluetooth speakers paired to your phone.

Help Your Guests Be Prepared

If you are planning a bash to go all weekend long, it’s your responsibility as the host to let your guests know what they will need to bring with respect to clothing or other supplies.  This applies in every case, no matter what you have planned.

For example, if you have tickets to an EDM festival for you and your friends, make sure you tell them they will need some rave outfits or fest costumes.  If you’re planning on hitting a few country-western bars, be sure you let them know to pack their boots.  You get the picture.

You can certainly have some surprises in store for your guests, but make sure they arrive prepared to enjoy them.

Be Authentic

One of the coolest things to do during a weekend bash is to go all out on something.  Do something the best, with all authentic ingredients and methods.  If you all are foodies, spend one night making a fancy meal from scratch.  If you’re pizza-lovers, for example, consider doing a brick oven pizza night with dough and toppings from scratch.

From another angle, if you all really love to tie one on with top-shelf authentic liquors, sample some of the best, handcrafted mezcal ever made.  It is a potent spirit that can usually be blamed for some incredibly fun times.  Tequila is just one type of mezcal, so you may only have seen the tip of the iceberg.

Don’t Underestimate A Posh Evening

If a rowdy night of debauchery isn’t your thing, or maybe it was your thing last night and you want something different tonight, consider having a quiet but posh evening with some treats you may not get any other time.

Buy, or order online, a selection of elegant wines, aged scotch whiskeys, or other similar fine spirits.  Pair these with a series of fancy buffets or charcuterie arrangements that feature delicacies like rare cheeses, aged meats, and even Imperia Caviar.

Be sure you set the mood with appropriate lighting from either dimmable or color-changing LED, crystal candles, or other mood-enhancing effects, musical accompaniment, and semi-formal or even formal attire.  Having a black-tie dinner at home with your closest friends is an experience not to be missed.

Set The Atmosphere

Once you have figured out a basic itinerary and party plan, you can begin to plan how to set the right atmosphere for your party.  In many cases, you may be able to decorate or arrange for decor staging for your home, however, if you are planning a more elaborate set of events you may want to get one or more venues.  Most venues like banquet halls will require you to set up your own event just prior to it taking place, and will require cleanup afterward.

If you are reserving spaces at places like restaurants, concerts, operas, or other similar events, you will obviously not need to worry about creating any atmosphere or setting.  This is one reason why many people plan the majority of their weekend bash to happen in places other than their homes.  Not only does this help with setup, but it eliminates or at least greatly reduces the need for cleanup by the host.

Arrange Sober Transportation

No matter what you are doing, make sure you have sober transportation available for you and all of your guests.  For small blowouts with a few close friends, you may be able to count on an Uber or Lyft to be your ride if needed.  In the case of larger events, you may want to consider just renting a house for the weekend so that nobody has to worry about driving from activity to activity or home at the end of the night.

Don’t Overplan

This is a classic pitfall for those who rarely get to throw a bash with their friends.  If you all are able to hang out relatively often, you may be able to squeeze in a bunch of different activities.  On the other hand, if you haven’t seen each other in some time, you will want plenty of time to be able to catch up and talk to each other.

This means you shouldn’t try to plan your weekend with itineraries in 5-minute increments.  One or two activities per day should be enough to entertain everyone without completely wiping them out to the point that they are too tired to socialize.

The key is to find a balance between guest engagement and having a relaxing and fun weekend party.  If you or your guests are constantly worried about getting to something on time or having enough time to do this or that, that isn’t fun, and you should reign in the activity density.

Have A Backup Plan Ready

Things happen all the time that change our plans for us, so in order to have the best chances at throwing the perfect weekend bash no matter what the situation is, you should probably have at least two sets of plans.  This may sound excessive, but in the event that one or more days go completely against your plans, you’ll be happy you prepared.

For example, if it’s sometime during the year when outdoor activities and events are popular, spring or summer, for instance, it’s likely that one of your goals for your party is to have tons of outdoor fun.  So you plan two full days and nights of stuff to do in the gorgeous weather, and then it turns out to be torrential rains both days.  Having a backup plan of fun, alternative indoor plans can save the whole weekend.