How is the World Gearing Up for the COVID-19 Vaccine?

(STL.News) With a virus dismantling the health and economic foundations of every country around the globe, it was imperative that a vaccine was invented as soon as possible.  Scientists and researchers, all around the world, have been working ceaselessly to find a solution to the crisis since the beginning of the pandemic.  They have been on a clock and have been working with an increasingly ambitious timetable to come up with a solution that would put an end to it all.  Now, after more than a year, a vaccine finally seems ready that could provide people with the much-required immunity against the Novel Coronavirus.  The first batch of the vaccines has started being distributed, and this has instilled hopes in people’s mind.  Everything shall perhaps be alright, finally.

However, even with the miracle vaccine put in place, there are still several unresolved questions.  Who shall get the vaccine first? How are the governments of every country planning to go about the process of hassle-free vaccination?  Will the poorer sections of the society have access to the vaccine?  Last but not least, will the vaccine provide immunity against the newer strains of the virus?

We shall look into these questions and try to find the answers to the same along the length and breadth of the article.  The process of developing a vaccine takes several years.  However, this accelerated development of the vaccine is highly commendable and unprecedented.  Plus, it has also raised a few eyebrows in the minds of experts and medical health professionals.  The question is, how effective will this vaccine be?

The Status of the COVID-19 Vaccine and How is the World Preparing for Its Administration:

It must be understood the vaccine has already been developed and been approved for emergency use in countries including China, the United Kingdom, the United States and Russia.  Tens of thousands of vaccine candidates are still undergoing clinical trials to test the efficaciousness of the vaccine.  That said, it must also be known that there are about 150 other potential vaccines that are being tested for efficiency to provide immunity against the virus.  These vaccines are being tracked by various pharmaceutical companies and the World Health Organization.

However, among all these vaccines, the one developed by the U.S pharmaceutical firm Pfizer in collaboration with the German firm BioNTech, has shown highly promising results.  This is the one that everybody is pinning their hopes down to and for good enough reasons.  Its use in several countries beginning in early December has been approved.

The government sector, as well the private sector with some of the biggest names across several industries, have joined hands to fund the research and trials of the different vaccines.  And the results have been promising. If the vaccine that everyone is looking up to works as hoped, it shall put an end to the crisis, and the global economy shall recover again.  From online gaming industries like to education, tourism and hospitality, every industry shall reap the benefits and bounce back to business.

What Does this Accelerated Development of the Vaccine Mean in Reality?

Nothing can be said with utmost precision as of now regarding the efficiency of the vaccine.  It is true that the vaccine has shown promising results in the trials.  However, as much as one would like to hope for the best, it is essential to factor in all the other worrisome aspects as well.

A vaccine has 6 phases in the production process and takes several years to be developed.  The normal vaccine production timeline is 8-15 years.  Therefore, a vaccine being developed under 2 years seems too good to be true.  Under an accelerated timeline, the 6 phases of development overlap and work simultaneously.  This might leave room for miscalculations and inefficiency in the long run too.  Therefore, it is important that the world is prepared for both types of outcomes, good and bad, once the vaccine is administered to everyone.

The next issue that we need to discuss is how the vaccines would be administered.  The governments of countries are trying their best to see to it that the vaccine is made available to everyone, irrespective of their social status.  However, the reality might be quite different from what has been planned.  People belonging to the lower strata of the economy might not have access to the vaccine easily.  The quantity in which the vaccine shall be manufactured and distributed for use is another point of concern.

In a Nutshell:

It is essential to factor in all the aspects related to the development of the vaccine to understand how the world is gearing up for the COVID-19 vaccine.  While it is great to have hope in times that look bleak, one must also understand the ways in which the vaccine might cause further issues.  That said, it is now only a matter of time till we understand how the miracle vaccine works out in the long-run.