Hand Sanitizers-Masks and Surgical Gloves They Are Selling-If the County is China-Don’t Buy it

Global Piracy & Counterfeiting Consultants Demands All Internet Retailers Name the Country of Origin for Hand Sanitizers-Masks and Surgical Gloves They Are Selling-If the County is China-Don’t Buy it

The Global Piracy Counterfeiting Consultants is urging President Trump to issue an executive order that requires on-line marketers selling surgical gloves, masks or hand sanitizers in the USA to name the country where the product was made-like China

WASHINGTON, DC (STL.News) The Global Piracy Counterfeiting Consultants are demanding all on-line retailers such as Amazon and others designate the country of origin where the hand sanitizer, surgical masks or surgical gloves they are selling are coming from.  If the country of origin and or the place these products were made is the People’s Republic of China-they say-“Don’t Buy It.”  Within the last two-or three weeks numerous countries from around the world have rejected surgical gloves, masks and hand sanitizers as being defective-that were made in China.

The other outrage the group is pointing to is-the Chinese Coronavirus-Covid-19 pandemic originated in China probably in December 2019-but WHO knows.  Through mid-January 2020 Chinese healthcare authorities were suggesting to the world that human to human spread of COVID19 was not possible.  Which was a lie.  As Senator Tom Cotton and others have pointed out the Chinese have and continue to lie about COVID-19-Chinese Coronavirus-and its origin.  Why trust China to make a properly made surgical masks, surgical gloves, and or hand sanitizers? https://GP-CC.Com

According to the Global Piracy Counterfeiting Consultants, “The Chinese Coronavirus-COVID-19 originated in China, either at a wet market in Wuhan China where they slaughter live animals for human consumption, or the virus was manufactured at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  In February 2020 China locked down many cities in China to contain to expansion of this deadly virus.  Now-suddenly based on numbers being released by the Chinese government–the Chinese Coronavirus-COVID-19 is all but gone from China-and the Chinese are back open for business-selling this time surgical gloves, face masks and hand sanitizers and grossly marked up prices.

“We have no expectation that Amazon-Facebook or other on-line marketers will self-police-so we are urging President Trump to issue an executive order that requires all on-line advertisements that promote surgical gloves, surgical masks and hand sanitizers-to state where the product was made.  We are certain Senator Tom Cotton and his colleagues in the US Senate would support such an order.” https://GP-CC.Com

SOURCE: 24-7 Press Release


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