Future Trends in the Price of Real Estate are Discussed on “Information Matrix” with Laurence Fishburne

MIAMI (STL.News) – Laurence Fishburne, best known for his successful acting career and all of his philanthropic activities, also hosts the educational “Information Matrix”. An upcoming episode of the program will feature information on the future trends in real estate and rising costs of ownership. It will discuss how the current market is reflective of past trends and future opportunities.

Featuring many professionals within the industry, this episode highlights a market that has ballooned in recent years, but also informs that that the number of sales is expected to to rise. Future trends on how this cost will be passed to homeowners will be discussed, and the discussion will also cover ways that professionals in the industry are handling the rapid rise in market value.

In addition to the prices increasing, so are the mortgage interest rates. An increase in cost combined with an increase in interest rates is not always good for buyers. This episode also touches on the fact that a large percent of home buyers are millennials.

This is an educational program and it is intended to help viewers understand how the changes in the trends in the prices of home can impact them. This episode is created by an award winning production team.