Fireworks & Celebratory Gunfire prohibition in Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, AL (STL.News) Unfortunately some citizens choose to celebrate by igniting fireworks and irresponsibly fire weapons in the air. Celebratory gunfire can prove to be fatal if a person or pet is struck by a falling projectile.  Fireworks are classified as a noise nuisance and can cause injury as well as property damage.  During the holiday weekend, additional officers will be on hand and Shot Spotter Gunfire detection system will be utilized indicate areas where individuals choose participate the reckless behavior of discharging firearms irresponsibly.

The Birmingham Police Department would like to remind the public that celebratory gunfire and fireworks are illegal within the city limits.

Officers will be distributing additional information to the public on the dangers of fireworks and celebratory gunfire.  The Birmingham Police Department ask that everyone remain safe and celebrate responsibly during the July 4th holiday weekend.