Decoding RTP of the slots

(STL.News) Online slots have become popular among many casino players.  If you are into slots, then you have heard of the term RTP.  It is a metric that checks upon the authenticity and credibility of online slot games. It refers to the percentage of payouts offered by the slots against the initial stakes made by the player.  The online slot UK is integrated with RTP to assure credibility.  Furthermore, each online casino has to set a benchmark of the RTP percentage against the number of spins.  The person has to find a game with the best RTP.

But first, let us understand a thing or two about the world of online slots

Easy to play and understand

Yes. Unlike any other game that requires some skills or knowledge about gambling, in slots you are only required to have fun.  Seriously, you can learn about the game during the course of the match. It’s that easy to learn


Online slots are more diverse by nature.  You will find varied themes and subjects on which the games are made.  Like Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter, etc.  The key to being a successful slots player is to have fun and play with enthusiasm.

Now, having said this, let’s move on to understanding RTP.

Evaluating the RTP percentage

RTP is measured against a thousand spins to assess the authenticity and credibility of the machine.  If the player plays the game for a short period, he has the best possibility of getting high payouts.  But if he wants to play for a long time, then the payouts get spread out.  Say if he is playing a slot game with a 96% RTP, then he has equal chances of winning £96 against every £100. But he might not win this at every round or each session.  Remember, the RTP can operate on more than 10,000 spins.

This is not the only way that determines the RTP.  There are other criteria as well.

Slot volatility

It is measured on a scale of 1-10. 1 means low volatility and 10 means the highest.  When the player chooses to play at a low volatility machine, he is eligible for regular wins but lower payouts.  And when he plays at a high volatility slot machine, he will not receive regular wins but larger and profitable payouts.  The player can either opt for big jackpots or small, regular wins.

House edge

The house edge or commonly known as the house advantage is a small percentage or chunk of money that the casino is bound to receive.  Slot games, like any other casino game, have house edges that favor the casino.  It is said that slots with high RTPs need to give back a minimum of 1-2% of the entire betting amount to the casino.

Hit frequency

Now, many slot operators do not disclose information about the hit frequency.  Hit frequency tells you the number of times the players can win from playing a particular game at a slot machine.  Just like RTP, many casinos have made the information about hit frequency confidential.  However, few online games do disclose the hit frequency and the terms and conditions of slot payments at the start of the game.  Just like RTP, the hit frequency is assessed against 1000 spins.  The hit frequency is a common term used in the video slot gaming industry as well, few of which do provide actual information about this feature.

Sometimes slots with low RTPs are integrated with progressive jackpots.  The player is said to receive big payouts. Usually, luck plays an important role in this.  Since progressive slots contain a series of slots, winning big payouts is a big possibility.  And sometimes, playing slots with high RTPs can be a risky move, if played with bonuses because the payouts can be very low.