Colorado New Auction to Help Disability Community

Colorado New Auction to Help Disability Community

DENVER, CO (STL.News) Colorado is auctioning rights for official state license plates with Colorado Day themed phrases.

“The generosity of Coloradoans is astounding, whether somebody pays $5,060 for the rights to the Colorado license plate COORS or $350 for TENNIS, it directly goes to changing the lives of Coloradans with disabilities,” Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera added.

The Colorado Disability Funding Committee is selling the rights to 10 unique Colorado license plates between now and August 7, 2021.  Win the rights to use CO, COPRIDE, GOCOLO, COHOME, COTUFF, CRUZNCO, WELOVCO, 4EVRCO, COLOFUN, or COGROWN as your official Colorado license plate.

Proceeds of these license plate configuration sales are used by the Colorado Disability Funding Committee to improve the quality of life and independence of Coloradans with disabilities through grants for new and innovative ideas.  The Committee recently awarded five grants for $10,000 each to fund innovative ideas.

This will be the fifth auction by the Colorado Disability Funding Committee in 2021;  previous auctions featured cannabis, NHL and NBA, MLB, and miscellaneous themed license plate configurations.  The Committee plans monthly auctions going forward;  all of the Committee’s activities can be followed at

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