Cleaning Up Your Gut: Why Periodic Detoxing Helps

Your intestines are host to both negative and positive bacteria by the billions.  While the ill effects of these malicious bacteria are known all too well, many people are unaware of the beneficial effects of positive bacteria.  They can literally change your life.  In this article, we look at the reasons that good bacteria cause detoxification in your body.


Friendly Bacteria Are Critical To Your Body

It turns out that the good bacteria that make up the majority of your body’s microbiome are crucial for a hugely important quantity of critical operations in your organism.  This includes not only a powerful and effective immune system, but also effective digestion and even keeping up a high level of metabolism and positive moods. You daily depend on the literally trillions of positive probiotic bacteria in your intestines to keep up all healthy functions in your body’s daily well being.

Many Elements of Modern Life Destroy Healthy Bacteria In Your Gut

There are a number of realities in your modern day life that ultimately destroy the healthy probiotics in your intestines.  These include such things as the following:

  • Antibacterial cleaning agents
  • Medicines
  • Processed foods
  • Excessive sugar and stress
  • The natural aging process

All of these decrease the probiotic populations your body requires for maximum well being.  This is why when you begin to rebuild the positive flora within your intestines, it is possible to feel some unpleasant changes as your body’s microbiome starts moving to a healthier balance.  This stems from the ways that the probiotics cause your organism to clean out the proverbial house and the negative bacteria.

The Negative Bacteria Come From Various Sources

How is it possible for you to end up with such parasites in your intestines?  These parasites can come from a variety of sources.  Dr. Jay Davidson from Microbe Formulas ( says that parasites can come from swallowing unclean water sources such as that in lakes or rivers. Besides this, they are mixed in with some of the very food you eat. Getting them back out of your body is important for all around good health.

The Side Effects of Starting on Probiotics Are Uncomfortable

The fact is that when you take a quality probiotic supplement, this will be full of healthy live bacteria that are prepared to start balancing the environment in your intestines.  So when you begin re-balancing your bacteria using a probiotic formula, the healthy bacteria will begin multiplying healthy colonies of bacteria that benefit your body.  The natural side effect of this is to force out the negative microbes within your intestinal tract.  These begin dying en masse as a natural result.

The result of all these dying bacteria being forced out is a buildup of toxins that must be expelled.  The natural response of your body is to forcefully clean out your gut.  This will result in unpleasant, but temporary experiences.  Among these are significant changes in bowel habits, discomfort in the digestive system, aches and pains, and sensitive skin.

The official name for this is the Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction, which is also called a healing crisis.  Unfortunate as these feelings are, they are in fact proof that the probiotics are succeeding in restoring balance in the flora within your intestines.  In the end, this leads to a vastly improved all-around healthier for the body.

Another result of the positive bacteria will be the helpful intestinal activities that begin.  These include all of the following:

  • Production of acetic and lactic acid
  • Improving T-lymphocytes
  • Stimulating cytokine production
  • Synthesizing enzymes and vitamins
  • Forming natural antibacterials

It is important to understand that your body will require time to adjust to the new and improved levels of activity.  This explains why there will be usually noticeable changes (both negative and positive) in how you feel over a period of several weeks while your body makes the adjustments.  It also means that if you later boost the dose of the probiotic supplements, then the adjustment period may start over again.


Here is the good news. When the new probiotic bacteria gain ground, the advantages to the body will be more than simply expelling the negative bacteria within the intestines.  After your microbiome has become balanced with the good bacteria having the firm upper hand, these friendly bacteria will strive to eject any other negative toxins and bacteria that may still be hiding in the body.

Probiotics Cause Advantageous Detoxifying Effects

Some of the behaviors that result from the detoxifying effects include the following:

  • Breaking down pesticides – the research has shown that bacterial strains such as Lactobacillus plantarum will degrade and break down pesticides that are common in the environment and found on food crops such as cauliflower, broccoli, soy, and Brussels sprouts
  • Reducing heavy metals – some types of positive bacteria can detoxify heavy metals that build up in organisms.  Some of these are mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic
  • Expelling BPA – BPA turns out to be a harmful industrial chemical that is found in plastics such as water bottles and resins.  These leach into drinks and foods and create harm.  Scientists have uncovered that positive bacteria can decrease the absorption of these harmful elements and aid in excreting BPA to keep it from accumulating in the human body to negatively impact health

Things You Can Do To Help Your Body Get Through the Negative Effects

There are several actions you can take that will assist your body in getting through these negative effects of the detoxification.  These include:

drinking water and gut health

  1. Keeping Well Hydrated – The most critical and effective means of expelling toxins from your organism are to consume more than enough water.  This will also help your stomach to feel better.  The goal should be to consume minimally half of your body’s weight (but in ounces) every day.  Adding lemon will increase the alkalinity that encourages the toxins to leave quicker.


  1. Reducing the Dose of Probiotics – If your side effects of the detoxification are proving to be more than you can manage and you have only begun the regimen, you could take a few days off of the probiotics to allow your body to restore the balance then continue at a lower dose going forward.

There will be an adjustment period to starting a healthy probiotic regimen.  This takes the form of detoxification as your body flushes out countless negative bacteria and their toxins.  Once this process has finished, your digestive and all-around health should improve markedly.