Business/Consumer Alert: Fiverr Provides an Excellent Platform When Used With Caution

Fiverr platform offers excellent opportunities for buyers and sellers, but buyers are warned to exercise extreme caution

St Louis, MO (STL.News) is a popular website that businesses and consumers can find freelancers that offer particular “gigs.”  The freelancers have reviews posted by previous customers.  Some gigs are basic, while others are advanced.  You can find almost any services to fit nearly any budget.

The concept offers an incredible opportunity and possibilities for buyers and sellers of specialized services.  You can find writers, web designers, WordPress experts, and just about anything you can imagine.

However, based on personal/business experience, caution is always warranted as you proceed.  Some tips that are critical to your satisfaction of doing business on Fiverr.

As a company, Fiverr is public traded and headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Our tips are:

  • Do not believe or fall into the trap of paying the provider outside of Fiverr, or you lose the protection of Fiverr.  Most sellers want to provide excellent services and receive positive reviews moving their ranking up to increase sales.
  • While the idea of the platform is excellent, anytime people get involved, you risk the chance of fraud and greed.  Fiverr does what they can to prevent this if you stay within their platform.  Do NOT make this mistake.
  • Deal with providers in your region to avoid the possibility of miscommunication.  Many will tell you that they are fluent in English, but use Google Translator to interpret your instructions leading to time delays and errors.
  • Do not trust until the sellers prove themselves.  While reviews are great, many are fake and having friends buy cheap services to post fake reviews that are created to influence prospective buyers from sellers that have few gigs to prosper on the platform.

Moving forward, we will be offering reviews based on our usage of Fiverr sellers.  Our reviews will be honest and supported by facts and supporting documentation.

Our objective is to help promote Fiverrs’ platform but to protect buyers on Fiverr.