Stubborn German Brewing


Waterloo Gets Local Brewery – Stubborn German Brewing Co.

WATERLOO, IL: (STLRestaurant.News) – Waterloo, a quaint little town on the Illinois side of the river, has a history that dates back to the 18th century, when the first European settled in the area. In the 1830’s, the first German settlers arrived, and after 1840, the German population exploded. The strong German heritage is Deep-rooted in this town, so, is it any wonder that a young 33 year old, German home-brew hobbyist would decide to make it the home of his very first business venture, the Stubborn German Brewing Co.?

Co-owner and brew master, Chris Rahn, started out as many other brewers have, with a fondness for beer and his own home brewing kit. He pursued his passion and persisted by first joining the St. Louis Brews home brewing club, then becoming a certified beer judge for national home brewing competitions. After giving up their Auto Repair shop, recruiting family and friends to help renovate a building on Waterloo’s South Main Street, and opening officially in April, he and his wife Tina, got down to the real business of making beer.

Keeping with the “diamond-in-the-rough” philosophy, they possess only a three-barrel operation that occupies a simple corner of the tasting room, which is without a kitchen. Exposed brick, wood fixtures, and numerous Edison bulbs, all complete the vibe. Stubborn German is no doubt a clear affirmation to both, Rahn’s and Waterloo’s German heritage.

The beers are also inspired by Germany’s brewing tradition with a strong emphasis on German styles, revealing Rahn’s preferences. They offer a kolsch, an Oktoberfest, a hefeweizen, a Munich dunkel, and as a salute to America’s craft-beer revival, an IPA. If you want to check out Stubborn German Brewing Co., for now anyway, you’ll have to make a trip to Waterloo.

Stubborn German Brewing Co. -119 South Main Street, Waterloo • More info 618-504-2444