10 Laws You Must Know If You Are in Texas

It doesn’t matter where you come from, the natives of the Lone Star state would not appreciate you if you’re clueless about the laws, ‘estrictamente no’!  Well, to your rescue, we have the 10 must know laws of Texas, that can spare your face from an embarrassing ‘mugshot’, and worse, a gunslinger.

Ask a Texan, and you’d hear stories of people ending up in prisons for what they thought was perfectly reasonable civil behavior!  Imagine yourself struggling to locate a loved one, only realizing that he/she ended in a Texan prison!  Some of the laws will leave you bamboozled, so much so that you won’t believe that they even exist. Stay safe, know them!

1. It is illegal to swear in front of a corpse

Well, honestly, we know we all are a big fan of how well Samuel E. Jackson uses the ‘m’ and the ‘f’ word, but try to emulate him in a funeral, and you might raise a few eyebrows.  It is illegal to indulge into profanity, especially in front of the corpse.  Oh boy!  Don’t they know how to respect the departed.

2. Horse with a tail-light?

Well, remember how you see cowboys riding horses on the road at night?!  Yeah, neither do we!  If you’re riding a horse in Texas at night, make sure you have installed a tail-light.  Well, for the sake of your ribs, a horse could knock you out south with his powerful kick if you try to install a tail-light on him.  Let’s see how does your horse take this.

3. Death Penalty

Unlike some other states, Texas is very strict in this regard, and unless and until one is under 17 or is a certified mental retard, it’s possible that he’d get the ghastly judicial execution.  Know more about the convicts and the capital punishment.

4. No Income Tax

Look at that smile on your face!  Save a bit from your coffer.  Already dreaming for a Eurotour, are we?  Well, great!  No Income taxes, senor!  But the government still manages to fill their pockets with heavy property taxes among others.  Oh!  Oh!  Where’d that smile go now?

5. Two mammoth sips while standing

Funny, there is a law in Texas, which will not allow to have three sips of beer while standing.   If you can’t sip the beer in two Herculean sips, then you might as well do it the non-Texan way, sip-sip, sit, sip-sip, sit.  No one will call you a lesser man.  We’re just guessing!

6. Find an innovative way to flirt

Hold on tight Casanovas, if you’re in Texas, it is illegal to flirt with your eyes and hands.  No making gestures with your hands and definitely nothing with those gleaming eyes of yours.   Isn’t dating difficult when you’re in Texas!  Well, footsie anyone?  Check more about it, HERE.

7. Hard to get, harder to divorce

Are you still fussing about how difficult it will be to get a girl in Texas.  Well, the rigorous laws in Texas will not let you get a legal divorce in anything less than 60 days.  So, if you’re looking for a speedy divorce in Texas, nah, that’s not going to happen pal.

8. Oops! I did it. Again!

There can be multiple way to be arrested in Texas, but this would be the most humiliating one.  In Port Arthur, Texas, it is illegal to emit an obnoxious odor, or fart in an elevator.  If you really want to be courteous, release the toxins when you’re out of the elevator.  Cut the crap and cut the cheese someplace else.  If they catch you, or rather smell it (we don’t know how would they manage to do it), then you’re in an embarrassing situation.

9. No Locks over below the ear

As outrageous as it may sound, for children to have hair below their ears is considered illegal.   We know, that it’s great to flaunt a mullet or a mohawk, but when you’re in Texas, as young as you may be, you’re expected to trim your hair down, and get a real job.  Keep it real, is the motto that once was earmarked in this land.

10. Illegal to sit on the sidewalk

If you’re sitting on the sidewalks in Galveston and reading this, our sympathy.  It is illegal to sit on the sidewalks in Galveston to the extent where you’d be fined for US $500.  Now, Texas may allow you to buy gas and guns at the same store, but for them sentiments and warmheartedness come first.

Parting Thoughts

Well, we’ve got you prepared to not get yourself arrested or embarrassed as you know a few essential laws while being there.  The guns and the violence in Texas may scare you but the Houston and NASA makes the chest of the locals soar with pride.  Love chilies, jalapenos, and amiability, visit Texas and enjoy your stay, and stay away from the prisons.