What Are CBD Oil Tinctures & How Are They Used?

(STL.News) If you have been brushing up your knowledge on CBD and all the products that are taking the market over, you have probably stumbled upon the term “tinctures” and now you are curious to find out what those are and how they are used.  Well, you have come to the right place.  I’ll be glad to answer those questions for you and help you in your CBD oil tinctures research.

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Let us start with the very basics, so that the whole idea of tinctures becomes completely clear to you.  CBD oil is a product made from the cannabis derived compound called Cannabidiol.  If that term isn’t exactly new to you, then you know that it is one of the non-psychoactive substances found in those cannabis plants.  That’s an important piece of information since it makes it clear that CBD oil won’t make you high.

The reason why Cannabidiol works so well inside our bodies is pretty simple.  All human beings have an endocannabinoid system, ECS in short, which is kind of like a network of cannabinoid receptors spread throughout our central nervous system and other types of biological systems in our bodies.  That makes us susceptible to reacting to phytocannabinoids such as Cannabidiol.

The beauty of Cannabidiol stems from the fact that it has a lot of amazing, therapeutic properties which make it highly beneficial for our overall health.  Among other things, this substance can alleviate pain, ease anxiety symptoms, reduce epileptic seizures as well as fight bad cancer cells.  On a more relaxed note, it can increase our appetite and boost our energy when we most need it.

CBD Oil Tinctures

As explained by this useful source, CBD oil tinctures have become quite popular these days and there seem to be some great reasons for it.  A tincture is produced by soaking a plant, in this case a high-CBD strain of cannabis, into a solvent such as vegetable glycerin or alcohol for a couple of weeks.  The process is complete when the plant is formed into a liquid state.

When this product is created this way, it provides us with an efficient way to ingest the cannabinoids that our ECS needs in order to help our whole organism function properly.  In fact, tinctures are known as one of the purest methods of CBD ingestion.  I must warn you, though, this usually means that they are not very tasty.

Still, I suppose that health is more important than the satisfaction of our taste buds.  That’s probably why these products have become extremely popular.  Tinctures are one of the easiest forms of taking Cannabidiol, which is why beginners always resort to these instead of some other forms.

How These Are Used

Since I have mentioned that it is one of the easiest forms of ingesting Cannabidiol, I suppose that you now want to know how this product is exactly used.  You will quickly see that I wasn’t exaggerating when I said that it’s the easiest way to get the cannabinoids your body needs.  So, read on to find out how tinctures are used.

When you get your first bottle, you will be able to find a lot of useful information at Cheefbotanicals or similar websites.  Yet, the most important piece of information you need to keep in mind is that tinctures are taken sublingually.  If that sounds like something complicated, don’t worry, it definitely isn’t. It simply means that the product is placed under your tongue.

Here’s how the whole process works.  First, always remember to shake the bottle, so that everything gets properly mixed and that you receive the right amount of Cannabidiol through ingestion.  Then, place a specific amount of drops under your tongue.  Don’t swallow it just yet! Instead, leave the oil there for anywhere between 30 seconds and two minutes.

The reason why you need to keep the product there for a while also isn’t that difficult to understand.  Doing that simply allows the vein under your tongue to absorb the oil, from where it will go to the bloodstream and let you feel all the beneficial effects of Cannabidiol.  After the necessary time has passed, you have to swallow the tincture.  It doesn’t get simpler than that, does it?