WebTech Group launches a new WordPress security service guaranteeing a secure site

A new WordPress security service guaranteeing website security

St. Louis, MO (STL.NewsWebTech Group has announced a new WordPress security service, guaranteeing that your WordPress website cannot be hacked.

They guarantee that if your site gets hacked, they will resolve and repair any damage created for FREE.

WebTech Group (WTG) is a web host, design, SEO, and PR agency located in Wildwood, Missouri.  WTG has tested the system and strategy on a news site that they own an equity interest in, which can be found at www.STL.News.

After years of experiencing multiple attacks on customer sites as well as STL.News they have dedicated the time and resources to create an affordable system, and most importantly, effectively guaranteeing a secure website.

WordPress is regarded as an open-source platform that is used to create websites but has been known to be less secure due to the open-source structure.

Many free plugins are intended to secure the platform but have a history of failing to smart hackers.  The premium platforms and firewalls are not affordable to many small businesses.

WebTech has used a multiple-layer strategy to protect WordPress websites and has been tested to ensure that it is effective.  The results have been impressive and are ready for small businesses to rely on and trust their sites to this new service.